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Dr. Vijay Sankeshwar is a great business tycoon from Karnataka. He is the owner of India’s largest logistic company VRL. He has the largest fleet of commercial vehicle in India. Dr. Sankeshwar had Karnataka’s largest distributed newspaper Vijay Karnataka, which was sold to Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times of India Group) in the year of 2007. Later he started another newspaper named Vijay Vani in the year 2012, which holds the record of #1 in Karnataka.

And has 8lakhs+ copies of sale per day.


Born 2nd August 1950(68) Gadag, Karnataka, India

Nationality INDIAN

Qualification B COM

Schooling V D S T Boys School.

College Adarsh Shikshana Samiti’s College of Commerce. Gadag

Active years 1967-present

Net worth $ 74 million

Title Chairman and Managing director of VRL groups

Political Bharatiya Janta Party

Board VRL Groups

Spouse Lalita

Dr. Sankeshwar was also the member of parliament for 3 consecutive times.

And was also member of various committees such as committee of Finance, Consultative committee, Transport and Tourism committee etc. Following table will explain in brief


1993 Elected as member of BJP at Dharwad, Karnataka

1996 Elected to 11th LOK SABHA. Dharwad North Constituency

1996-97 Member of committee of Finance and member of the consultative committee ministry of surface transport

1998 Elected to 12th LOK SABHA. Dharwad North Constituency

1999 Elected to 13th LOK SABHA. Dharwad North Constituency

1999-2000 Member of committee on commerce and member of the committee of transport and tourism

VRL has more than 15,000 employees.

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VRL has several services such as

• Transportation

• Courier services

• Publishing

• Wind mills

• Air chartering business

With the help of turnover of 2 lakhs in the year 1976 he built conglomerate that includes VRL media limit, a Rs 300 crores publishing house. It is hard to believe that a person from small town like Gadag in North Karnataka had that spark in him as a teenager to step out beyond the comfort zone to achieve something different.

When Dr. Sankeshwar was 19-year-old teenager his father never assumed the one day he will become a business tycoon and rule the Transport Industry. His father wanted him to continue with the family business of printing press. And was quite worried about the decision which he took to jump into the whole new territory of Logistics and Transport.



There is a saying “Journey of 10,000 miles starts with a single step” it was so much applicable to Dr. Sankeshwar as he started his journey with a single truck in the year of 1976 by commencing VIJAY TRANSPORT, now the CMD of VRL Logistics Limited, a Rs. 1,800 crore listed company. He owns the largest fleet of commercial vehicle in India’s private sector with 3900 trucks and 400 traveler bus which sums to 4300 vehicles in total.

As a practice of every family, Dr. Sankeshwar’s father also wished his son to join their family business of publishing and printing books, but Dr. Sankeshwar’s dreams where a step ahead of common man’s perception

His father has gifted him a printing press in 1966, when he was just 16. “VIJAY PRINTING PRESS” started its working with 1 machine and two employees. But the force full push of his father into this business could not stop Dr. Sankeshwar’s passion. After 3 years, at the age of 19 he entered into the transport business facing the opposition of his family.

Dr. Sankeshwar narrates “I took a big risk. It was tough trying my luck in this unorganized sector. I suffered severe losses. My family wanted me to return to the family business”. Even after suffering from great losses he was not willing to quit. Local icons did not want him to continue, so they advised him to stay away from the market. Either they didn’t want a new player or saw tough side of business. At that point of time he realizes the if he is not taking risk then he will not succeed.

A father’s worry about his son surviving in an unknown business was answered by Dr. Sankeshwar by emerging a great business tycoon.

In 1976, he started VIJAY TRANSPORT with a single truck, investing 1.2 lakhs on the truck, which was borrowed money! It was a huge risk as he stepped ahead to try his luck in an unorganized structure. Initially he suffered huge losses. Local icons who had a stand in this business advised him to back off but he was deaf for negatives!

Improper communication facilities made it difficult to get into reach with the drivers. There was no surety from the other side of drivers that the goods were despatched properly to the customer. He used to take deep breath when the truck returned back properly.

After enriching himself with enough amount of experience he added one more truck after 3 years, operating between Gadag and Hubli. With the trust in himself, Dr. Sankeshwar didn’t turn behind then onwards. At the age of 28 he added few more trucks and shifted the business from Gadag to Hubli with family as he felt that Hubli was the place with enhanced opportunities to flourish his business.

It was very difficult for a family man to survive in a whole new place along with family. This new place surprised him with many new things and it posed several cons for the establishment of his territory in an advanced market place.

The saying “He who faces the risk, is embraced by success” went exactly right in Dr. Sankeshwar’s life. He approached well-known corporates in Hubli and FMCG companies in Bangalore for business his business grew to the great heights from then as his prompt and timely service became a mouth-to-mouth promotion of business, which created huge market.

With 8 owned trucks, he turned it into a private limited company, by name “VIJAYANAND ROADLINES” in 1983. At the time of 1990, he had set his trademark all over the state. He had a fleet of 117 vehicles clocking a turnover of 4 crores, and the rest is history.



The inborn qualities which emphasizes an ordinary person to the highest level of prosperity. The “Great man theory” explains the leadership qualities of a person are inherited not taught or practice for certain time. According to “Great man theory” a leader possesses certain qualities such as

1. Commanding Personality

2. High Degree of Intuition

3. Proper Judgement

4. Courage

5. Intelligence

6. Aggressiveness

7. Action oriented

8. Time keeping

9. Multiple Percepts

Which can only be found to a born leader. If we explain in other words, qualities of leadership are carried in the genes, that are inherited. This flow of leadership qualities is carried from of the generation to generation. We have many examples which explains this “Great man theory” following are some example

• A P J Abdul Kalaam

• Subhash Chandra Bose

• Sardar Vallabhai Patel

• Abraham Lincoln

The built-in qualities which are possessed by leader will take him to the divine success.

History is done by Great men. So a Great men’s life story itself is a history we read. They make history and the break history by creating new one. Above examples tells that they are the Great men of their respective times. ?


As we relate the Great man’s theory with Dr. Sankeshwar, we can realize indeed he is a great man! He exactly provided that a person with single truck and lots of courage would rule the transport sector one fine day. You never get right things at right place, we just have to use the resource we are provided with to give the best outcome.

It was his good sense of intuition that stood by him when all his kith’s and kin’s and the competitors where against him and wanted him to back off. There was a day only Dr. Sankeshwar in his project and now where his brand is the most trusted one in the market!

Business man, carrying as intelligence factor welcomes several advantages to the business this went surely right in the case of Dr. Sankeshwar. From a time having fewer communication facilities to expand his business all over the nation, this man’s intelligence surely has played a vital role.

Dr. Sankeshwar knew exactly that being could not make any profitable deal to his deal his business he was right enough to use the aggression into tactics and strategies that have provided him a strong stand in the market

Being action oriented is the basic factor that gives birth to any entrepreneur. Instead of carrying his ancestral business which provided him settled career, Dr. Sankeshwar opted to move ahead by taking up a completely new business. This step of action which he took is now being benefited to several country men.

Dr. Sankeshwar not only made his recognition only as a business man. He is a person who believes in giving back something to society. With this perspective he tried his luck in the field of politics. And was lucky enough to serve as Member of Parliament for 3 consecutive time in Dharwad North Constituency.


There a saying “It is never too late to achieve want to be” The life story of this great man itself is a history. His way of perception, action oriented behavior, commanding personality explains the caliber of this Great man. His story tells us that we should never give up on our dreams no matter what. Every step towards success is very important regardless of the impact.

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