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This report has been prepared as a requirement of the Case studies program. We are very glad for getting the opportunity to accomplish my practical training in the Sadakalo organization at Ghulshan . Our case studies is commencing from June 11, 2013 to July 30, 2013. Actually this report is a practical requirement of BBA Case studies Program in the under Business Studies Faculties in the East West University .The report will definitely increase the knowledge of other students to know the clothing industry of Bangladesh, and the various clothing sadakalo is providing to sustain as leading local brand in Bangladesh.

  This local clothing market in Bangladesh and the role of their for growth of national trade related businesses in Bangladesh. The objective of study is to gather practical knowledge regarding over all clothing organization and its operations. Theoretical classes of BBA provide us theories regarding different subjects where as practical training gives us the chances to view those systems and their operations.

The principal intent of this report is to analyze the trends modern clothing and their customer’s behavior.

More precisely we can identify the objective of this report as follows: To observe the customers and their satisfaction towards the products and services of Sadakalo.  To observe the customers reaction towards the new product development of Sadakalo. To understand the different product and to describe how Sadakalo provides these product.  To understand the other alternative customer about their product. To provide the recommendation for improvement of these product. 3. Significance of the studyWith the global slowdown in the face of rising competition, the customers faced with an increasing array of financial products and services and expecting more from providers in terms of customize offerings, value, ease of access and personalized services.

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As a result, retaining customers and minimizing shake are both major concern for financial service institution. At present, Sadakalo is operating in the country with huge number of stall .But now there are many competitors . This might not cause a great deal of loosing profit of the Sadakalo however it is a matter of Organization reputation.Through this study it is expected that a clear idea of the customers of SK will be identified. Therefore, this study tries to give some suggestion of improving the product , services offered by the organized based on the reason behind closing attitude of the customer and comparative analysis with other brands to reinstate their valuable customers. We have used convenience sampling method to collect data and information for the project. For achieving the specific objective of this study, data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources.

Direct conversation with the respective officers of the brand.  Face to face conversation with the clients.  Customer’s opinion collected through Questionnaire.  Observation of the organization activities. Various records of the brand.  Website of Sada Kalo.  Different newsletters of SK.  Several drawbacks appeared at the time of preparing the report and hindered the total work process:  Due to some policies of the brand We couldn’t collect the organizational hierarchy to show the organizational decisions flow. As, We had more dependence on the primary sources, so there might be some level of inaccuracy with those collected information. Though, adequate verification and cross- checking was used, to minimize the error level. Next, many of the analysis on the obtained data are based upon my sole interpretation.

This in result might bring some biases, as lack of knowledge and depth of understanding might hinder me to produce an absolute authentic and meaningful report  We also failed to collect their organizational financial statement  Time constraint was another limitation restricting this report from being more detailed or analytical.The Relationship Mangers at the operation or strategic level of the concerned department are awfully busy with meeting their targets. So, it was very difficult for us to get them free and obtain some practical ideas regarding their expectation and opportunities regarding my topic. Above all, this report is prepared while we are continuing our case studies programme. So, it was very hard for us to accommodate time for preparing this report. Mostly, our office timings at SK are from early morning till 6 p. m.During office hours it’s simply hard to manage time for working with the report. There are different kinds of clothing brand have in Bangladesh .

We only published the Deshi Dosh. Not because of only commercial aim, the journey of Sadakaio started tr- ne thought ot nuking a dream come true. A dream of creating venous designs with the combination of only two colors, Black and White Fashion Is a part of daily life.The Wok oi a designer- is to create a feeling of unexpressed desire- that is after a designer designs something a fashion conscious individual should say to hunt “That is what i wonted”. SadaKalo is designing its products Keeping all these on mind On October 4, 2002, SadaKalo was officially launched at Rates Souare in a small scale outlet but with full of expectation and excitement. Within a short time, Sadakalo was blessed by the love and inspiration of every level of customers, which molded to the opening of the second branch at Raman, even before ending of one year of the first Outlet.The continuous eagerness of the pear* m Sadakalo cherished us to start the third branch at the theatrical region of Bally Road and the fourth and the largest outlet “Designers’ Corner” at Gulshan Avenue on November, 2006.

The main aim of this outlet is to put together Black and White collection of top designers. Sadakalo got remediable response from designers in this concept and successfully launched this showroom with 10 top designers. We have launched our fifth outlet at uttara from pahela boishakh in 1415. In 2004 rids Saciakalo introduced identical dresses for Kids the theme ‘TUMi AR Ami Ak CHiMIT’. Renowned Magician Jewel Aich, actress Shampa Reza, Singer Jewel and actress Tamalika took part in the Modeling for this theme. In 2005 Eids, Sadakalo introduced identical dresses tor the couples with the theme Am Tamar Songe Bedhechi Amar Pran’ The idol couple Ali Zaker and Sara Zaker beautifully came out the theme a huge success. In 2006 rids, Sadakalo’s Designers’ Corner at Gulshan was established with a different perspective. The aim of this outlet was to bring together more than one designer’s creation under one roof.

Designers such as Bibs Russel, Roxana Satan, Emdad Hogue, Sharban Dutta, Monapali, Sahrukh Amin and others have made this outlet a designers corner with their elegant creations. Bibi Russel Performed the key modeling part for this theme. Followed by the same inclination of doing theme based work, in this year 2008, Sadakale Is organizing “Sadakalo Fashion for 2008”. The objective of the show is self explained from the title, Sadakalo Fashion show for Bangladesh 2008. This is our Intention to make a platform of fashion where people can catch the recent trend in fashion at the very beginning of the year.In this show, five of the top Bangladeshi fashion designers will present their collections in Black and White for 2008. Their collections will reflect the upcoming style and Idea of Bangladesh fashion. Also they show is planned to be held on an annual bases, so that, every year, the Bangiacieth fashion market can observe the change in fashion trend.

This show will also be an important bridge between Bangladesh fashion and apparent investors. Professionals from other sectors Will see the scope and opportunities in the fashion sector and they will be encouraged to invest in this sector, thus, the fashion market will grow more.This show will be an important platform for the young designers to team about the top level style, ideas which in turns will make them more successful. Then Sadakalo became a part of Desidosh in 2009 at Bashundhara City. Deshi Dosh is a combination at ten fashion houses of Bangladesh under one roof. The ten fashion houses are chosen with a specialty that they work on Bangladeshi products. Later in 2010, Deshidosh opened another outset at Mimi Plaza, Chittagong. Workshop Details: Sadakalo has several workshops. We visited their Gulshan-1 Corporate office to talk with the manager.There, we found their one workshop.

The manager was very friendly with us he showed us the Workshop, where worker were working with their hands and machines. The good thing we have found out that most of their works is done with human hands. So, this is a sample of good work as well. One worker is giving a print on a Sharee with the help of his hands. Inside the workshop of sadakalo’s gulshan corporate office Sadakalo have 9 branches all over Bangladesh. Every branches are contributing in their business. In future they have plan to cover the whole country with their branches.  ABROAD Then Sadakalo expanded to abroad such as New York and Florida in the years 2009 and 2010 respectively. Current Sadakalo has Seven outlets together- eight in Bangladesh and two in USA.  Sadakalo Online Shop and Official Website Sadakalo Has a official website. Their customers can find their suitable product without going to the shop. And Sadakalo has online shopping facilities.

So customers will prefer Sadakalo brand for this benefit as well. The full website is fully organized and well categorized. So it is very easy to find one’s suitable product. Here is a snapshot of there website Sadakalo is paying their heartfelt gratitude to the nationwide significant days like Ekushe, Independent Day and Victory Day. Sadakalo also celebrate Boishakh in the most special way. Occidental occasions like mother’s day, father’s day, Friendship dm and Valentine day which have come to Bangladesh, we are trying to express them through our own culture and language. SWOT Analysis of Sadakalo The SWOT analysis comprises of the organization’s internal strength and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats.SWOT analysis gives an organization an insight of what they can do in future and how they can compete with their existing competitors.

For more than 13 years in Bangladesh, Sadakalo is known to bear the Brand quality that provides it the strength of being the market leader in the local customers . Unlike any other clothing brand in Bangladesh, the success of SK is attributed to this strength of SK whereas the success of a brand heavily depends on its reputation while dealing with very sensitive commodity like money. This brand in Bangladesh to issue soft cloth .By grabbing the opportunity that exists in the market SK, as the market leader, showed the most substantial corporate strength among the local brands. Salakalo has a bulk of qualified, experienced and dedicated human resources. Salakalo is the only one among the local brands that has been able to utilize its extensive marketing efforts in order to capture a wide customer base at a very short time.

SK’s Then Sadakalo expanded to abroad such as New York and Florida in the year 2009 and 2010 respectively. Current Sadakalo has Seven outlets together- eight in Bangladesh and two in USA In order to exude innovativeness and creativeness, SK tries its best to come up with customers’ clothing problems and solve them. Weaknesses: Brand, who are offering better less price product, now enjoys lower and middle class customers switching to them as SK offers reasonable price product which not for lower class. Furthermore, this market is a competitive market , and many other brands which are moderate the customer service. As a result, a large amount of customers move on to another brand. Many customers’ want to very low price product but they can’t filling that types of customers need. The clothing industry is now experiencing the contractual employment fever that has started up and SK has also fallen prey to it.

Self-interest of the employees are actually hindering their performance because SK is employing individuals from other agencies and giving them tough targets to reach and thereby not giving them the full benefits of a permanent employee.  During the last 10 years the entry the many kinds of clothing industry. That’s why SK can’t monopolistic perform in the market. The local brands’ increasing aggressiveness.  SK is also facing problem in its advertising system.Many customers who are outside in the city they cannot know about them. The proper knowledge as to the process of advertising in the tv and radio . The brand does not take many steps to assist them either. Many of these customers or people they come in their shop but for the short knowledge they think that this is over prices product.

Because the way SK makes charges to product cannot be properly explained, many customers believe and complain about the unethical branding of SK. Opportunities: Sadakalo produces the different types of occasional product , by this customer’s easily buy a product for his/her close person.The country’s growing population is gradually and increasingly learning to adapt to and use the brand service. As the bulk of our population is middle class, upper class, different types of customer’s need different and they are filling the customer’s need More Branches around Dhaka specially and all over Bangladesh will enable SK to capture more market share, and hold a stronger competition against local brands.  By offering more softness product, and reasonable price .

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