Business Plan Of Eco Fashion Paper Bags

EFBPL Company offers eco-friendly paper bags to the people who adore nature at the Same time believe in following current fashion trends. Our clients are malls, multiplexes, Departmental stores, gift shops, hyper markets, super markets, specialty stores, etc. GG Company offers variety of paper bags of proven quality to satisfy different requirements of customer. Changing lifestyle & fashion has been a major factor of growth of this industry. Ban on plastic bags in many states is like a ray of hope for this ndustry.

Market penetration strategy has been used to gain & expand market share. Trusted employees and skilled employees secure future growth of the organization. EFBPL Company is a private company formed by eleven promoters. Promoters will be taking hands on management roles in the company. Each Promoters contribution will be Rs. 200000 and rest of capital will be raised through bank loan. Based on the size of our market and our defined market area, our sales projections for the first year are 7200000 units.

Because of our endless efforts we are confident to achieve our vision which is “To become a proactive, integral & responsible member of our environment & communities & become a strong global supply base for world class products. ” 3 Company profile: Eco fashion paper bags pvt. Ltd. Is one of the emerging paper bags company in Maharashtra. We are into the manufacturing of eco friendly paper bags as there is increasing awareness of hazards of plastic bags to the environment among the people, and the ban imposed on plastic bags throughout India Vision.

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To become a proactive, integral and responsible member of our environment and communities making us a strong global supply base for world class products. Mission: To constantly grow the customers by designing superior and cost effective product through contribution of ideas. Values: Excellence Integrity Passion Teamwork Commitment 4 Company logo: The logo contains the picture of earth supported by three green arrows. The blue colour of earth symbolizes coolness, royalty and consistency. The supporting three green arrows indicate that the company is highly concerned about protecting the earth environment.

We are focussing on automated processes and quality of products where as most of the industries in this sector are still using manual and semiautomated processes. We are stirving to replace the plastic bags by our ecofriendly paper bags.


Environmental issues have been driving market towards use of more eco-friendly products. Government also join hand by banning the plastic and environmental hazardous products. This has been a motivation for us to venture in this field. We are using recycled paper to produce eco friendly paper bags as it not only stop cutting of trees but also prevent degradation of environment.

Our product is an eco friendly and also stylish, trendy and of high strength and unique design, we are having flexible manufacturing facilities to produce bags as per customers specification and needs. Products range: The bags of six sizes are being manufactured, We can also manufacture bags according to the customers specifications & requirement. Product strength: Our entire product having good busting strength and it is between 18 to 36 g/inch. Product quality: We are committed to produce superior quality products. Raw material is being purchased from selected reputed supplier.


With paper bags we would first target the big cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nasik, Aurangabad and Kolhapur. And our plant location would be a place between Mumbai and Pune [Patalganga] which is very advantages because our majority of customer resides in Mumbai and Pune. The current demand of the product in six cities is around 40lakhs/month and is expected to go high because the customer becoming more environment friendly and the government restriction on plastic bags has been helping this industry to grow.

Fashion and lifestyle of the customers are also changing has been an important factor for the growth of this industry. Consumer acceptance and brand recognition are the major barriers for us to enter in the market. We are new in this industry we need to first build trust, develop relationship with customer, develop our brand and win customer loyalty. Our product quality is as good as our competitors but our USP is price of products, we operate at low margin to build market share excellent network of transport help us to reach customers at right time, at right place with right product.

We are ready to provide the higher credit than the existing supplier initially. We are committed to excellent quality of high strength and flawless products. The key to success would be excellent service, quality products at a reasonable price and sales force capabilities. 8 SWOT analysis Strength: Low cost with high quality Dedicated & punctual staff On time delivery Favorable access to distribution networks Weaknesses: Entry. Inexperience. High cost structure. Limited area of operation. Not able to enjoy economy of scale. Opportunities: Scope of export. Large market. Changing of lifestyle / fashion.


Marketing objective: Within three years we would like to expand our business to rest of the big cities of India and will become important domestic player in terms of market share. In fourth year of our business we will export our product and would go for backward integration. Target market: Our customers would be malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores, speciality stores, gift shops etc.

Our target market is six cities in Maharashtra and we are focussing primarily on Mumbai, Pune but there are also plan for other cities too. Demand forcast: The Demand of the product in six cities is around 40lakhs units/month. 10 Strategies: Low pricing strategy we are using because of large number of competitors in the market. We are using market penetration strategy by keeping low price we would enter in to the market and expand our customer base and increase our market share.

Promotion: For promoting our product we using following strategies like; Discounts, Salesperson incentives, Word of mouth, Friends? etwork, Commission to sale person, credit to customers, catalogs, Contract with the NGOs working on environment friendly projects like use of paper bags, Travelling and other incentives etc. Promotion budget would be Rs 3 lakhs for first year, 5 and 8 lakhs for second and third year respectively. Market research: Data is collected by two ways primary data collection and secondary data. Primary data through buyers? intention survey in which information is collected about their buying intensions, buying quantities, their existence suppliers etc. Secondary data is collected from industry trade journals, experienced industry people i. . experts etc. Sample size were 170[6 cities] and conveyance sampling is used.

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