Technological Resource That Kohl’s Actively Uses

Another tangible product that Kohl’s is able to fully utilize is their technology. An example of this is their bluebirds, which is an electronic device similar to a phone in size that has different apps programmed in it that their workers use to accomplish everyday tasks such as fulfilling OMNI or BOPUS orders. Another technological resource that Kohl’s uses heavily is their kiosks. There are several of these that are located all throughout the stores in which customers can use to check prices, print out wedding or baby registries, and even order products.

Th kiosks allow customers to find exactly what product they are looking for. As a bonus if a customer orders something online through the kiosk they will receive free shipping since it was purchased from inside the store. Kohl’s also offers this deal with their app; if a customer comes into the store and the specific product that they need is out of stock, then they can use their app to order it and due to them being in the store, they will automatically receive free shipping.

The People: In addition, their stores are another tangible resource that is important to Kohl’s, along with their distribution centers and their employees. In today’s world people have the option to buy anything without leaving the comfort of their own home, therefore when people do come into a physical store, they are there for the experience (Deborde, 2018). This aspect of the brick and mortar stores emphasizes how strong of an asset their employees are to the company because they play a major role in the customer experience.

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The employees are there to give the best possible service to each and every customer that walks through the doors because it is important to make their experience special so they leave wanting to come back.

Savings Programs: A few other tangible resources that Kohl’s holds and offers to its customers is their loyalty Yes2You rewards program, Kohl’s Cash, and Kohl’s Charge. The Kohl’s Charge is a very important aspect of Kohl’s due to 60% of sales being contributed by the Kohl’s Charge. Kohl’s not only offers this service to customers, but Kohl’s Charge members receive countless amounts of discounts and incentives to keep people hooked. They also implement incentives and deals through their rewards program and Kohl’s Cash. With every $50 spent on select days, customers receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash that they are able to spend on anything throughout the store and even online or with the app. Also, with their rewards programs, customers rack up points with every purchase and if they received enough points through the month, then at the beginning of the next month they will receive a monetary reward starting at $5 or more. Kohl’s utilizes these programs to keep customers loyal and coming back, so far it has worked out in their favor.

Intangible resources

Looking at Kohls’ tangible resources, many of them are a result of one of the important intangible resources of the company; innovation. Many of the tangible resources that Kohl’s utilizes very well are a product of their creative way of thinking and their best efforts to keep up with the constant changes that the industry and market face. Another intangible resource that Kohl’s possesses is their instore experience. As mentioned previously, customers have the option to buy what they need without coming into a physical store, however those that do are there for the shopping experience. Kohl’s does well at utilizing their employees and technology to help give customers the experience they came there for. This leads into another intangible resource that Kohl’s utilizes very well, which is their hospitality.

The main focus for Kohl’s is the customer, therefore they do everything possible to make sure the customer leaves their stores happy and willing to come back. They even have a specific job duty called the hospitality host, in which the manger on duty will spend the majority of their time on the floor with the associates and customers to help in any way possible. This has created a very good reputation for the company along with their Kohl’s Cares volunteer programs. Through their volunteer programs they directly give back to the communities and also offer products in store that customers can purchase with the proceeds being donated (Kohls Corporation, 2017). With their great customer service and their volunteer events, Kohl’s has created the intangible resource of hospitality.

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