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Eraldo Baldini has invented a genre. After the local-man, born in 1952 in Ravenna, has always delighted its rural area for the folk traditions and scientific papers had written about it, he started in the nineties to write stories and novels with this issue. With ” Gotico rurale ” Eraldo Baldini: “Gotico rurale” at Baldini’s latest novel” Stirpe selvaggia “, published on 29 November 2016 set in the first four decades of the twentieth century in the dark, rough, hilly and wooded Apennine region of Romagna, where they bordered to the south of Tuscany.

The author writes predominantly images of the hard, primitive and cruel life that led the poor, simple and earthy people there. The cities in the Po Valley – Faenza, Ravenna – play a role only temporarily, as distant places of commerce, education, the military, politics and the church; the sea can only be under the most favorable conditions account for a strip in the distance – from personal experience it knows nobody.

In the (fictional) mountain village of San Sebastiano in Alpe grow Amerigo Timossi, Mariano Sintini and Rachele Ceroni, about the same age.

as inseparable friends on. In fact, their connection will keep their lives so far their paths diverge also. The three children most have different backgrounds. Only Mariano comes from a bourgeois.

A second factor which determines Amerigos CV, is the personality of his father. This is none other than William Frederick Cody, known as Buffalo Bill. How is this possible throughout the world, the author tells us thoroughly plausible in one of the side strands.

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As a young girl was the appointable Giulia from the Contessa Elisabetta Fulvia Barnini, an opera singer, put into service – a blessing and a curse. When you learn Giulia fine lifestyle know, but it arises a hostility to the death. First, however, must accompany the diva on an extensive tour of the USA and Giulia comes at a celebrity party in the clutches of the Wild West heroes. As an unmarried mother, the eighteen year old is back with her newborn to her grandfather to San Sebastiano.

Rachele’s mother Alma’s what nature belief farming experiences and stories have been handed a strong personality with an open mind for everything. As a child she has managed the Mazzapegolo , a time malicious, sometimes gutwilliges small Gnomwesen with red woolen cap to harness for their services. With their ancient knowledge, their healing powers and good contacts to “l’altra gente”, large and small fairy tales and magical creatures of all kinds is using it as a midwife and medicine woman of the village – estimated as a mystery – a kind of good witch “Una benedizione e una maledizione insieme “. The Turkey oak, which they planted in front of their house becomes a guidance symbol for the welfare of the whole community, and her ageless dog Belva is also her daughter Rachele accompany through life ( “angelo custode e nume tutelare che sapeva semper cosa fare, perché il suo sapere non era quello di un cane, ma quello enormous del mondo “).

in this framework developed Eraldo Baldini an extensive, consistent with each constructed, adventurous rich action braid closely with the political, economic and social changes of those years is interwoven. Lynchpin always remains the rural culture of the mountains, but we also read how the protagonists with the Carabinieri of the king, reflected in the inhuman slaughter of World War I and fascism. The narrative structure is essentially simple chronological order, only the histories of some important figures are embedded in separate chapters.

The author -. Still completely unknown to us – writes with a very secure feeling for precise, differentiated aesthetic style told warm without antics and very understanding of his characters (the often questionable decisions), and he succeeds in addition to the many adventures always maintain an intense time and local color and a dense natural atmosphere. If you want a looking exciting, entertaining, all-around entertaining book can safely access here – even those who otherwise has nothing with the irrational in his hat.

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