Two Friends Realize a Dream 1. Renee Albertelli and Richard Rodriguez had certain things about their personality characteristics that helped them navigate the struggles of starting any kind of business. One of these characteristics they demonstrated is something every owner needs in order to run any type of business, which is having passion, enthusiasm, and determination, these characteristics are needed to launch their new business. The excessive interest and energy they had to start this business never failed them; it was the most essential fuel for their vision on how they wanted to fully build their business.

Albertelli’s characteristics portrayed how unselfish she is because of her current job, it allowed her to travel to different parts of the world and opened her eyes, and made her aware and realize how many people from these different parts of the world earned their money. Also, both Albertelli and Rodriguez were risk-takers, they enjoyed seeing the options that potentially fail, but keep it at something positive, aside from being risky, they were committed because they both cashed in their retirement plans in order to fund the production of the products they want to sell.

Essays Shoes

Rodriguez and Albertelli’s decision to focus their marketing efforts on the Artisans who made the shoes was a wise decision. Giving the credit to those who worked hard in creating these shoes creates a belief that would be appealing to their consumers. The belief and idea of their business become the trademark of the company, and they will be remembered for their honest ways of wanting others to know where their product is created.

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This could potentially be a huge hit to those who share the same beliefs and values in wanting to credit those who devote their lives to certain things.

The women’s desire to make a living and provide for their families by preparing the leather, designing, and assembling each pair of sandals was very impressive, and without them, the product could never have been made. Personally, anyone who has any share in any type of business deserves to be given credit throughout the company’s success. Because without them there would be no business to work with. I’m quite impressed with the way they took their cause and made it a business but stayed devoted to those who worked hard to complete it.

This product could easily have influenced consumers who share the same admiration Albertelli had and purchased the product because of the positive belief the product has. 3. The management challenges that might cause Shoes with Soul to stagger would probably be the lack of experience. Even though Albertelli and Rodriguez are indeed educated and are knowledgeable in their current arrangements of marketing and finance, they probably aren’t aware or familiar with certain tasks when it comes to being a new business entrepreneur’.

This could be a downfall because of having to seek different advice from different people who could potentially help or harm them. There is a huge possibility that they might face stiff competition from other firms that have been running in the business longer than they have. However, if this business begins to grow and develop, they will need to hire employees who will assist them in running their business because the workload may become too overbearing.

Some ways to avoid these “stumbling blocks” and allow them to guide their new business to success is to develop a new distribution channel, create new products, and cost-cutting measures. By doing so, could open a new door for consumers to see the business developing and exploring to expand, yet doing it is a costly matter rather than having expensive products take control of their company. This allows the country to stick to its main morals, beliefs, and values.

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