The following sample essay on “Casino Royale Shoes”:  talk about the representation of gender in the films I am studying.

In the action film “casino Royale” a very typical male action hero is represented in the form of James Bond (Daniel Craig). He fits in with the stereotype of a male action hero that viewers will expect to see when watching the film. The viewer may take enjoyment and comfort in the character conforming to their typical expectations.

This representation presented is not real but a version of reality.

James Bond as a character has typical masculine traits such as – strength, confidence and aggression. He is also quick witted solving the problems that face him. This is a typical and mostly positive representation of males as physically fit, intelligent and confident however he also uses violence frequently which may not be considered a good trait. There is some truth in this representation because representations reflect cultural values and beliefs.

Also in this film there is a typical representation of women with the character of Vesper Lynd.

She is beautiful and typically feminine as she is fragile and passive – she needs protecting by a man, in this plot James Bond. This representation of women has been around for a long time and by some this is considered a negative representation. However as said earlier representations reflect real cultural values therefore negative or positive they have some reality.Another film that features typical representations of male and female characters is control; Debby is a typical house wife and mother.

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She is a very stereotypical representation of a young British woman for the time period, perhaps the ideal housewife who is loyal to her husband and stays at home looking after the baby and cleaning. In the media female characters that aren’t stereotypical tend to be seen as dangerous and deviant.In some ways Debby in Control is similar to Vesper in Casino Royale as she looks for protection with Ian in a similar way as does Vesper with James Bond. With typical representations of men they are independent with free will, Casino Royale and control both use this representation.

James Bond completes his missions mostly independently choosing where he goes and what he does, where as Vesper is his accomplice and relies on him. Similarly in control Ian is independent and chooses when to stay with Debby and when to leave with his band.In Casino Royale another typical male character and also a stereotypical villain is Le Chiffre, he is powerful and independent, the main masculine traits; however he is a corrupt villain. This is a more negative representation of men in comparison to James Bond. I think the most realistic representation of men in these films is Ian in control; this is a representation that real men can live up to and relate to. However with the representation of James Bond in Casino Royale it is fairly unrealistic as not all men can be action heroes with all of his character traits and physical traits, this could cause negative emotions with people who wish to live up to the representations seen in the media.

This is something that is often discussed.Likewise women may feel the need to live up to the representations they see on screen and if they can’t achieve what they see it will lead to upset. However I think that a lot of women would not want to live up to the representations of women in the media. This is because the general representation is that women should be beautiful, naive, dependant on men and others and passive and this is seen in both casino Royale and Control. This representation is mainly negative but is somewhat true.These films are very different however the gender representations are still very similar, this is because representations are a version of the views held by society.

These representations or similar are found in all films and I think are seen as realistic by the audience, also the audience may also relate to these representations, understand them and look for them in films getting satisfaction from recognising a typical gender representation.

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