Respect for Living Beings

Many people believe animal abuse is physically hurting an animal. Animal abuse is much more than physically hurting an animal, it’s also mentally hurting innocent creatures who can’t or won’t fight back. Animal cruelty is a topic that’s not talked about very often as it should be, it’s a matter that no one really pays attention to. Animal brutality can be found everywhere in the world, we in fact harm animals everyday without even knowing it.

We can help prevent animal cruelty as much we can by helping out in the environment and making a change in ourselves.

We cause damage in animals environment, for example, throwing cigarettes on the streets, polluting our roads, air, oceans, and eventually our whole world. These actions are done everyday by people all over the world, we can help this problem by picking up after ourselves and others. Recycling can help our surroundings stay clean. Saving electricity and water is a huge part of are everyday lives, we can improve our habits by turning off lights when leaving a room and making sure are garden hoses and faucets our turned off to conserve.

If we could do this everyday we can help improve life in ourselves and animals environment. Other problems that we face about animal abuse are that some people may have a disorder or they grew up in an environment where it was normal to hurt a dog or other creatures.

People may ask why would someone hurt a defenseless creature? What value does one get out of hurting a dog or any animal for that matter.

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Harming a creature who can feel pain and will suffer a lifelong trauma of suffering, because animals have feelings and can remember. They have have a brain, heart, and we breathe the same air as them. Any creature who has feelings is worthy of respect and care. The danger of a person abusing an animal is that it’s the first step for a person to take toward the path of being cruel to humans or being interested in doing cruel things to people. Abusing an animal doesn’t benefit anyone in any matter. It’s a behavior that leads to darker behavior and interests.

Animals such as a dog for example can intensely feel fear, pain, neglect, starvation, thirst, beating, and torture just like us. People might question why should we help animals? Many animals such as dogs or cats are family to many people who don’t have any family. They provide company for the homeless people, elderly, and disabled children. For people interested to know how to help prevent animal cruelty you can teach children to respect animals at a young age, report any animal abuse you see, and take action against animal cruelty.

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