Sacrifice The Respect of Many People in Order to Win The Respect of Others

Colin Kaepernick, the former N.F.L. quarterback that has been out of a job for more than a year, has signed a deal with Nike in which makes his face the slogan for the ad of the 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign. His appearance in this ad inspired a protest movement and an argument between two opposite opinions, discussing the Kaepernick situation related to the slogan. First of all, the slogan of the Nike ad has an incorrect message if we relate it with the quarterback.

When a person sacrifices everything, it feels mostly “empty”, as he or she has lost the most important things in their life. Sacrificing everything is, for example, when militaries leave their family and friends, maybe forever, to go to war and fight for their people.

But sacrificing a job is far from what the message wants to convey about. Sacrificing money or a job is giving a part of yourself or what you have, so you can move on and recover along the way.

Colin sacrifices money and his work, but that’s not all. He was also able to sacrifice the respect of many people in order to gain the respect of others. But the most astonishing thing was to lose respect for the flag and your country. If you really think he sacrificed his job to get into another, that’s not leaving everything, it’s just changing the sidewalk. When someone reads the message and compares the situation of Kaepernick to the one of a person who has really left everything is a way of feeling offended because to leave everything is to let go of your comfort zone and not have anything beyond where you go.

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The main consequence why people react to this ad in a protest movement is because Kaepernick kneeled during the flag anthem. This act shows the loss of respect and a way of making fun of all the people who have really left everything, to do what they really believed in. Everyone is free to believe in what one wants, as everyone has different opinions and thoughts, but freethinking in public can lead to various consequences as well as disrespect for others. If Conil thought that kneeling before during the flag anthem was the way to show respect was totally wrong for many people. The great influence that a gesture can cause, may lead to different reactions.

On the other hand the hand Nike however was in the limit grazing the two parts. The slogan he chose on the 30th anniversary was a mistake. The message may have great meaning but the person chosen was the wrong one as Kaepernick is considered more a symbol than an athlete. Although Nike did nothing against anyone, it cannot be said that he did something great, however the one who is to blame for everything is Conil and Nike should not be punished for the actions he committed as the quarterback didn’t have a job and that’s why Nike thought his appearance in the ad would be motivating. For Nike it was a devastating moment as people put videos and photos on twitter burning Nike items and making their boycott.

For all these reasons, i agree that Kaepernick hasn’t been the right person for the slogan of the 30th-anniversary campaign, first of all because he didn’t sacrifice everything by believing in something, as he found a new opportunity in which the conditions were the same: Money and job. And second because he disrespects the flag and many people. That’s why the message conveyed by this announcement is only a way of hesitating all those people who have really taken a step forward leaving everything behind and who have found nothing in front, but a void.

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