Research Proposal and Article Summaries on the Benefits of Marijuana


There has been a remarkable growth of marijuana users both medically and recreationally. Marijuana use is permitted to use for recreation in 11 states and the District of Columbia. In prior years, Americans questioned whether or not weed should be legalized for recreational use. I believe it should be legalized for personal use because of the many uses and it has medically and mentally. Weed also comes in different varieties for different cases, and I believe that will help people tremendously.

Rationale for my Investigation

As the use of marijuana becomes more prevalent in my everyday life as I get older, I wonder whether or not it has more than meets the eye. Weed has been used medically in the last decade to treat cancer, help with people who suffer from anorexia, and has even helped the elderly with pain. There are many fascinating ways to get high from weed and I am curious why it is such a growing substance.

I also want to know whether there are medical or health drawbacks.


Through my research, I will examine how the legalization of marihuana in 11 states and D.C. have changed the way people live and how they operate on a day to day basis. I will also make a case for why weed should be legal in the United States by asking questions such as:

– What age group is uses weed the most?

What are the medical advantages of weed? – How does the legalization of weed change a society? – How will it benefit society? – Are there any medical drawbacks?

I plan to examine peer-reviewed journals as well as articles written by medical professionals to prove that weed should be a legalized substance.

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I will also prove why legalizing weed will be good for the generations to come and how it will help the mentally sick and how it will help people who cannot ultimately afford to go to a hospital but afford to buy weed.

Work Cited

David C. Peters II. “Patients and Caregivers Report Using Medical Marijuana to Decrease Prescription Narcotics Use.” Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, vol. 35, 2013, pp. 24–40. JSTOR, This source is from Jstor which is one of the database websites on the University of Maryland library website. The study I chose is conducted by David C. Peters II from Wayne State University. In the study, Peters examines qualitative data that was collected through interviews from patients of medical marijuana. Peters interviews them to find out why they chose marijuana over prescription pain killers, the study is conducted in Michigan, which legalized marijuana use for medical usage.

Green, Brian E., and Christian Ritter. “Marijuana Use and Depression.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol. 41, no. 1, 2000, pp. 40–49. JSTOR, This source is a good source since it discusses the effects that Marijuana has on depression. Although marijuana is still being studied and many of the effects are unknown marijuana is used to serve as a treatment for depression. The main study examines adults and depression. One of the biggest key factors they examine is the first time these adults smoked weed. They also use various techniques such as surveys such as the young men and drug survey, this is important to know because it also helps us to see the demographic they are studying.

Kaplan, Howard B., et al. “Escalation of Marijuana Use: Application of A General Theory of Deviant Behavior.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol. 27, no. 1, 1986, pp. 44–61., This source offers a hypothesis for why people

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