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Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summaries Paper

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“A leader take people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessary want to go, but ought be. “in chapter 1 there are two boys, Ralph and Jack who seem to have the leadership skill to the other reach their goal. However the two boys are different, showing by Golding’s destruction reflect the inner through of the two boys. Jack is a type person who over control others by force the choir wear the black cloak in a hot weather and the speech of when they vote for the leader says by Jack” I ought be chief, because i can sing c sharp” (28). The speech proved his desired of the power, and it’s a danger path. Also showing by the end of the chapter when jack let the pig got away and he said to Ralph and in a way to himself, that he will bring the pig next, showing a sign of future condition of he became savagery.

Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summary

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On other hand, Ralph is different, he seem to have the vision to see for a longer terms view. The boys have vote him to be the chief as he have attacked to bring the attention of the boys and most important, he is the one blow the chock gather the boys. In a way showing Golding had fever in him to made him find the conch. Also, by chapter 1 he seem to have the ability to be a great leader lead the boys here they “ought be”—- home. By his action of giving up his power as chief to calm Jack’s emotion as well as the choir’s, show his ability to be a great leader. Also, is showing by how he used the little detail for piggy ideas notice with what they should to do next showing his vision to be a good leader to lead the boy to the point reaches their goal.

Chapter 2

After the boys have came back from research, they had bring up the point of “there aren’t any grownups; we’ll have to looking after yourself”. Yet, as Ralph said, the boys are on they own now. It will be difficult for a group of boy under 12 to keep organized and follower order to be in control. The problem …

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