Lord Of The Flies Chapter 12 Theme

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Analysis Lord of the Flies (Chapter 12): Theme and Summary

Summary of Chapter 12

Ralph is currently hiding from the other boys and starts to think about everything that’s happened with Simon, Piggy and the rest of the island when he has an epiphany. He realizes that they have lost their civilization, their innocence and how savage everyone has really become. While he was running, he comes across Simon’s field with the lord of the flies (which now only has the skull on it – shows the time spent on the island).

He removes the skull in a fit of rage and takes the spear to use as his weapon.

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Later that night, Ralph sneaks back to Castle Rock and finds Sam and Eric and is given a warning that the tribe going to hunt him down. They give him food but don’t join him out of their fear. The next morning, Jack tortures the twins about Ralph’s whereabouts and tries to get through the thickets he’s hiding in but Ralph manages to fend them off.

Realizing that Jack has set the jungle on fire when he smells the smoke, he leaves his hiding place and fights his way past the tribe members.

As the Jack and the others chase him, Ralphs runs through the undergrowth and stops at the beach’s shoreline where he looks up to see a Naval Officer. The officer informs him that his ship stopped at the island after seeing the smoke from the fire.

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He assumes that the boys are playing around and having fun after hearing that there are no adults on the island until he hears the entire story. He can’t believe that in such a small amount of time these young English boys have changed so much.

Overwhelmed by the fact that they are finally rescued, Ralph, Jack and the other boys started crying. Ralph cries with grief, for the loss of his innocence, and for Piggy, someone who was his truest friend. Theme: “Even if we don’t realize it, time changes us, and the one thing harder to accept is that we can’t change back. ” * Loss of innocence : they have seen how cruel humanity can be and the evil that each human holds inside them – piggy’s death Loss of civilization: Ralph sees how savage the people whom he saw as friends have become and that tears him apart and fills him with grief – he worked together with Jack and now the person who he saw as an ally is the one trying to kill him * Looking back: they all started out as average, civilized, neat English boys who knew of order and now they have changed so much – Jack will never be the same and neither will Ralph.

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