Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana makes sense from any angle. The financial benefit of the legalization of cannabis is monumental. America cannot afford to miss out on the potential tax revenue from marijuana. The US will save millions by cutting marijuana search and destroy missions. Our police force can also focus on more pressing issues, like murder and thievery. We can let the marijuana offenders out and free up plethoras of jail cells for the more heinous felons. Opponents may say that legalizing weed will only create an ignorant America full of druggies, but marijuana is so widely available that those who want to do marijuana already do, regardless of legality.

If America decides to legalize marijuana the number of users will only go up slightly and this detriment is greatly outweighed by the financial benefit alone.

The legalization of pot will have a tremendous positive effect on the economy. Taxing the legalized weed will bring in billions in new revenue. This will give us a monumental push in paying off our mountain sized debt.

Not to mention, America can save tons by cutting down on drug busts. Marijuana is the most imported drug in the US, if we legalized weed we could cut our drug busting teams and save millions. The legalizing cannabis will create a whole new market in the economy. New jobs will spring up with maddening speed as marijuana businesses start up across the country. Economic stimulation spurred by the legalization of weed will get the US out of the recession at an astounding rate.

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The legalization of pot brings massive financial benefits to America.

The legalization of marijuana will not only help America financially but it will also allow us to concentrate our police force. We can stop the wasteful arresting of petty drug violators and focus on the more extreme felons. The legalization of marijuana can actually decrease crime rates, not only by allowing the police force to focus on more urgent issues, but also by snubbing mexican drug wars. If the people of America start producing their own weed legally then there will be less importation, this will cause many Mexican cartels to selling the now unprofitable weed, leading to a decrease in turf wars. Legalizing cannabis will free up a massive amount of jail cells as the pot violators are released. This will stop jail crowding and allow the US to put the more vile crooks in the slammer.

Opponents of marijuana say that legalizing pot can only bring stupidity and health hazards to America. As I said before almost everyone who wants to do marijuana doesn’t care about legality so legalizing it isn’t going to increase consumption very much leaving relatively the same number of people affected by the “stupidity” and “health hazards”. Legalizing cannabis will help America immensely in the financial department and hurt the US insignificantly. If one wants to attack a deadly, ignorance breeding substance, why not alcohol. It causes thousands of deaths each year and is considerably more hazardous to the body than marijuana is. Focusing on the prohibition of alcohol should be a much bigger priority for those who are afraid of legalizing pot.

Legalizing marijuana has unfathomable benefits in both the financial and law enforcement realms. It creates jobs, saves money, and creates revenue while simultaneously reducing crime and saving lives. Many opponents say that pot will breed stupidity without end, if one really wanted to end stupidity one would focus on ending the sale of alcohol. It’s like trying to prevent a small fire while a forest fire blazes all over the country, their energy should really be spent on putting out the more pressing issue. Legalizing cannabis creates too many benefits for this country to pass up.

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