Religion Should Come First Before Anything Else

Every practicing Muslim knows the extreme importance of praying five times a day. This routine is titled Salat , and has specific timings as well. Within this article, I found several shocking ideas presented. The most shocking statement was: “Instead of praying five times a day as Islam requires, he said, Islamist members of Parliament couldjustifiably combine their noon prayers with their afternoon prayers to avoid interrupting the parliamentary schedule. Even the prophet Muhammad, Mr. Askar noted, had allowed his followers to condense the prayer schedule in times of need.

” To me there is absolutely no correlation between Muhammad’s words and the parliaments actions. I understand that there are several imponant issues these men face while working in the parliament, but prayer only takes but minutes. We are called to pray five times a day, not two or three. It is however acceptable to combine the prayers together, but not acceptable to completely skip it Muslims are taught these expectations and guidelines at a very early age.

Unlike America, in Islamic countries, faith and government aren‘t separated. Faith is not of choice in Egypt as well as my country Saudi Arabia. Our religion must be Islam! To protest this issue would bring great shame to not only oneself but our families as well. This religion is drilled into every aspect of our lives. I feel it is difficult to begin to explain how important and implemented our religion is to our very lives. This article goes on to claim that it is completely acceptable to separate duties and religion.

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This is not in agreeance with the teachings of Islam. We must be thankful to Allah for everything. Prayer is only one faucet of achieving this goal. Amongst visiting the Holy Land Mecca and fasting during certain holidays of religion. For one to be so ignorant to try and separate Allah from their career is heartbreaking to me. I feel that by doing so, we are putting other things above him. I understand that in comparison, Egypt is less controlled compared to my country. However, these people are still Muslim!

It’s very difficult to see articles such as this that show negative representations of the true religion Frankly speaking, I know more people who would disagree with these issues than agree. This is in no way an acceptable aspect of my religion. To an American, this article may be difficult to understand, Although Islam is very similar to Christianity. Several almost all stories from the Quran can also be found in the Bible We believe the Bible to be a Holy Text as well Religious differences can bring upon many problems as history and philosophy can attest for. In my opinion, strict religious practice is certainly the way to go! Rules were created for a reason and should be followed Allah has our best interest at heart, and we must follow him, Philosophy is very concerned with a higher being and being in general. I feel one must have a good connection to their spirituality and self I am very firm with my beliefs and practice my religion as expected.


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