Beauty Is Anything Found to Be Appealing

Beauty is anything found to be appealing. That being said, there is no standard for what is and isn’t beautiful. It is dependent on the person who views it. It is interpreted differently by everyone, therefore, there is no standard for it other than one’s own opinion. Socially constructed standards of beauty are aspects that many people find beautiful, but they do not define beauty. They are merely a popular opinion. For example, fair skin is often considered to be beautiful, but that is not true for everyone.

Others may find tan or dark skin attractive as well. ‘Imperfections’, such as moles, can also be seen as beauty marks. This shows that what is beautiful depends on who is looking at it. Appearances can be interpreted with many varying opinions. As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Moreover, beauty is determined by more than just physical appearances. It can be found in the form of words, meanings, understanding, and emotions.

People find beauty in books and music. Personality is often a defining aspect of beauty in people. The goodness in a person’s heart is in many cases seen as more important than their appearance. Because everyone has their own take on things, their own views, thoughts, and opinions, beauty is subjective in that its definition varies for everyone. The term is endlessly broad and everyone’s perspective of beauty is tailor-made and unique to the individual. This is important because it shows that people should not try to conform to what others believe beauty should be and instead learn to find beauty in themselves.

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Everyone is beautiful in their own right. People shouldn’t have to conform to the beauty standards set in beauty pageants and magazines.

They shouldn’t hate their body type or face shape just because it’s different from that of a movie star. Appearances don’t make one person any more or less beautiful than the next. After all, somewhere in the world, there is someone that will see beauty in them. That’s why they shouldn’t have to conform to anyone’s standards except for their own. They should learn to see themselves as beautiful rather than caring whether anyone else thinks so. This is important to me because it taught me to stop being so conscious of my appearance and other people’s opinions of how I look. Rather than only seeing the parts of myself that I hate, I should try to find things that are beautiful about myself. I’ve learned to think the same way about others as well. I should try to find the good in people rather than judging them by their appearances and flaws. Everybody has some beauty in them. I just need to try to find it.

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Beauty Is Anything Found to Be Appealing
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