"Someone Else" By Franz Kabelka

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Is there any relationship between the suicide of Father Xavier in the Franciscan seminary and the two deaths nifty fitness center “New Life”? The 62-year-old Edgar has two lives. For 35 years he was a “Braunschweiger” a little man with “a brown habit and nothing to talk,” as Father Fidelis in the Franciscan monastery of Gerlach. Now, in his new life, he is with the resolute Regina together and head of the “New Life” studios in drivers, an Austrian backwater whose irrelevance is mathematically formulated as follows: “drivers, which is divided by Vienna Salzburg, the rest multiplied by Bad Ischl “.

Why Father Fidelis has changed his existence? After studying at the University of Passau in 1965, he finds his fortune as a Latin teacher in Gerlacher boys boarding school of the Franciscans. For the students it is popular; He looked them in the afternoon with homework and reads them in front before going to bed. He feels the “passion that does not create suffering: those for Jesus,” and know: Here is the place of his lifelong determination

The “gray eminence” of the monastery’s Father Xavier.

. But the 80-year old is tired, and he gives his library and his archive into the trusting hands of Father Fidelis. Who finds a bundle from 1938, an anonymous report on the impact of major policies on the everyday life of the then Seminary in the castle on the hill rose at its sorting work. read Gruesome needs Fidelis it.

Comes the handwritten document from the pen of Father Xavier? Fidelis pushes the old man for a confirmation, coaxed him “the sad confession” – and invites “innocent guilt”.

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For in his cell, Father Xavier hanged on Zingulum symbolize the white knitted with the three nodes that obedience, poverty and chastity. It is 1975.

Soon after, turns to Father Fidelis’ fate. Against the anonymous, vicious slander of two boys of the truly good and honest brother is powerless and defenseless. Catapulted out of the monastic community, he is done with faith; the core of his appeal has been shattered. 2010 will bring a past Edgar. Recently, John Reichert and Otto Bell are among his clientele. The two fifties – Exschüler from boarding – their dose erstrampeln under its own power bliss in “New Life”, a “quasisprituellen enclave in materialistic life.”

But unfortunately their happiness is short-lived: one falls off the bike, the other kills the barbell. An unfortunate coincidence, or is there more to it? Only stupid that Edgar falls in the forest and, hitting on a boulder, which the “devil has thrown here in his anger” with his head. Thus, Edgar, the “reprobates”, arrived on the “ground of reality”. Diagnosis: traumatic brain injury – and everything is perdu, because Edgar can not remember more at the last three weeks. only he had his cell phone, on which he had secretly recorded many conversations. But even that is gone.

The Austrian Franz Kabelka wrote with “someone else” a stubborn detective story. Far and wide is not a drunken, drug-addicted, corrupt commissioner in sight, including an investigation there is no hot trail. Through constant perspective and time change, the phone recordings in the files 0005.amr continuously, the action might open up a bit cumbersome.

But that eye-opening experience: If you come to the end, even flips back once, read some passages again, it scales fall from our eyes. Each set of the author’s true perfect, all his delicately spun threads must only be perceived to add up to a wild-colored image in the ambience of “New Life”, the exclusive club of vanity, “Vanity Fair of the twenty-first century” , would find a suitable place.

It is worthwhile to read this book again. The darkness thins out, everything is crystal clear. Much more aware of it now enjoys the subtle irony of the author when he brings the wind flags behavior of the Catholic Church at the time of National Socialism to light and enriched the subject of abuse protection Commanded by a tragic-grotesque variant. Franz Kabelkas style – full of semantic word games and rhetorical honey ( “rupture in the Reputation”) – is a highlight. The pseudo-thriller this language Jongleurs is a must for readers wanting more than blood-soaked unit fare!

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"Someone Else" By Franz Kabelka
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