Red Flag Laws and Gun Control

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What is the right to bear arms? Well, to answer this question, I’ll have to tell you what its for. The right to bear arms allows someone to be able to have a gun if you go through the proper channels. Having this right was especially important in this day and age it was assembled. Our founding fathers thought that having this amendment would protect us from the British monarchy. This obviously worked until we started turning against one another.

That heinous fact led to today’s split opinion about gun laws.

What are the policies in Oklahoma concerning gun laws? In Oklahoma, there’s a lot of hunting, because of this our gun laws are less strict than other state’s gun laws. Oklahoma also has a law that states a carry permit is required for a handgun and a long gun, this policy is shall issue. This protects us from people that abuse our gun laws. One of the odd laws that Oklahoma does have is that a purchase permit is not required here.

Registration of firearm is not required either. Oklahoma also allows someone to open carry a handgun but not a long gun.

What should we change and what shouldn’t we change and why? I believe we should change the law not requiring you to have a purchase permit. This law is unjustly because if someone decided to purchase a gun from the streets he or she doesn’t have to show their purchase permit to anyone.

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This seems a little irresponsible because terrorists can be walking around without registration. Not having registration is illegal in most states, but Oklahoma is a unique environment.

What are the current gun policies? Currently Virginia completely banned guns, and they’re in complete disarray because of it. Everywhere else has a fight going on as well, but Virginia is the only state that’s actually done anything about it. Since they banned guns, about half of Virginia is absolutely outraged. With the Democrats now in control of Virginia, the Senate, and the Governor’s mansion, a lot of gun-related laws that completely failed in the subcommittees for years or they were quickly dismissed during a “special session” on gun control following last years mass shooting in Virginia Beach. Before they completely banned guns they made a one handgun per month purchase policy.

Red Flag laws provide a way to temporarily revoke someone’s access to guns if family members, friends, or others can prove that the person is a threat to themselves or others. Virginia could also get a little more time to do more detailed background checks, with five days for their police to receive a response to gun dealers instead of just a day. Oklahoma’s gun laws are nothing like these. Oklahoma has a deep need for our guns, because we’re the land of “unadulterated guns” . I’m not sure its a need, maybe it’s just a deep desire, but you’ll have to take that up with the Oklahoma population. If you have a gun permit in Oklahoma they recognize any valid or concealed carry weapons permit or a valid identification card. You can open carry in Oklahoma now this law passed in late November.

What’s my opinion on all of this? I truly believe our gun laws should stay how it is. I feel this way mainly because if there was a person going to attack our school we could protect ourselves against them, and if we pass the same law as Virginia a lot of Oklahomans would be more than outraged we would be planning and execution of our government. You might think i’m kidding, but i’m not, for some reason Oklahoma needs their guns more than basically every other state. Go outside in Oklahoma and look at almost every bumper sticker, or go to a gas station or something and check out their gun rights t-shirt.

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