Gun Control Laws and Regulations

Many people and public office personal believe we should make have stricter gun controls laws and regulations, I personally do not agree with those statements at all. If we make gun laws stricter, it will very possibly take guns away from law-abiding citizens. We use guns to provide food, protect our homes and land, and most importantly to protect ourselves and loved ones. I am a criminal justice major, and as of now my projected career field is policing. Working as a police officer, carrying a handgun is usually most always required as part of your job.

My first key point is statistical facts in relation to gun-related violence. Many pro-gun control supporters believe that strict gun laws reduces gun-related violence. However, if you look at credible research sources, it shows that strict gun laws do not have an effect on gun violence. The next key point is our second amendment. Enacting strict gun control laws or banning guns is unconstitutional, as the second amendment states ‘…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

” My third key point is gun safety, instead of teaching whether or not guns are good or bad, we should teach more about gun safety. A study actually shows that children who are introduced to guns by a family member are less likely to associate guns with violence.

The audience for my essay is pro-gun control supporters. Pro-gun control supporters have a false sense of gun-related crimes due to their lack of gun education and of course the media.

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News and Media outlets tend to use gun-violence crimes, mass shootings, and other negative gun-related crimes. One challenge that I may face with this essay is those who weren’t raised around guns. People who have not been around guns, held a gun, shot a gun, etc… are more likely to fear guns in general. Many of those people are more likely to reside on the pro-gun control side.

The main goal of this essay is to pursue a solution for gun control that will be suitable for both sides. For my essay to be successful I will first need to elaborate on what gun control is and why people agree or disagree to gun control. After doing so, I will then to provide the facts and statistics in relation to gun control and gun-related crimes. I will also need to explain why gun control is in fact unconstitutional per our United States constitution. I will also touch base on gun safety, it is very important for everyone to educate themselves on this topic even if you don’t own a gun or plan on being around them. This book provides so much true and helpful information. I have previously read this book before and it is a great read, for people on both sides of the debate. A lot of information is going to come from this book as I know it is credible and very informative. I was glad to see it in the Sharpio Library.

I will give the definition of what gun control is and provide a brief overview of the two opposing sides using the information I have gathered from the ‘Gun Control Explained-The New York Times’ article. Next I will use the information from ‘Gun Control- Just Facts’, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and The Crime Prevention Research Center to provide facts and statistics on gun-related laws, crimes, and incidents. I will then touch base on explaining the second amendment and how that correlates to our rights as american citizens. After doing all the above, I will use the information from the National Rifle Association to discuss gun safety, the types of gun safety education available, and why gun safety rules play a crucial part in reducing gun-related crimes, and incidents.

Evidence when discussing facts and statistics will provide proof that enforcing strict gun control is actually ineffective. The evidence will show that gun owners protect people from violent criminals. The evidence I have supports that criminals are less likely to target a person or a place when they are aware of a law-abiding citizen is carrying a firearm. Integrating evidence on gun safety and education will show that there are proven ways to keep yourself and others safe around guns. It will also provide readers with training programs, and ways to educate children.

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