Radically from Yassin Musharbash Review

Yassin Musharbash – born in 1975 the son of a Jordanian father and a German – is by studying Arabic and Political Science since 2005 editor at SPIEGEL ONLINE. As a freelancer, he also published contributions to the taz, the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung and the Jordan Times. On “Bin Laden Dead – Defeat Terror?” he was in May 2011 as a guest on the television program People and Politics. All these works demonstrate his expertise in terrorism.

For his political thriller “radical” he has left two years, and the result is impressive not only for its realism, but terrified at the same time very fact.

Journalistic expertise and in-depth knowledge has Yassin Musharbash now invested in a novel.

Only a short time is Lutfi Latif, the newly elected MPs from the Green Party, MPs in the German Bundestag, as he is a victim of terrorism. Born in Cairo, he had studied at Harvard and now lives for years with his wife and children in Berlin. His articles, speeches and debate Arabic texts let him fast the shooting star of the worldwide community of exiled Muslims are – in great demand: Even Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo comes from Latif spring.

In his new post he will make a difference, direct political discussions into meaningful pathways, a candidate for Muslims, migrants and for his German. but that he makes himself an enemy of al-Qaeda; whose leaders condemn him to death.

But they are not the only ones who want to see his head roll. In Latif’s Secretariat is Latif young Arab secretary Sumaya al-Shami and privately hired for his personal safety Samuel Sunday accumulate daily threatening letters from Nazi circles of Islamists and Islam haters.

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Any research in its own individual way and with their own contacts to Latif’s death be clarified.

Quick appears Confessor video, but just as quickly arise doubts whether the explosives assassin could not come from an entirely different corner. Musharbash directs the reader to a be apt in secret community of Freemasons manner that calls itself “Command Charles Martel”: Fine gentlemen of the better German circles discuss, develop clear goals that Muslims provoke malignant. But they also sent the offender.

The key words terror everyone thinks immediately of fundamentalist Muslims and al- Qaeda. Finally, we hold the media constantly up to date on how their organizations and individual perpetrators threaten the daily lives of people from the hidden underground world out. However, we must guard against generalization and prejudice. As we have learned in recent years, including our compatriots can be terrorists, whether as converts or as a normal, hitherto inconspicuous, harmless Buebchen that follow, however wacky ideologies.

“Radical” a disturbing topicality. What makes a person a fanatical radicals? Particularly macabre are the parallels to the case of Breivik: In June 2011, the author has put the final point in his book, and in late July, Anders Breivik in Norway mass murderer “radical” is not capped terrorism nonfiction, but exciting entertainment. As an insider of the Berlin media and political scene, who also is familiar with the operation of the BKA and LKA, Musharbash can tell complex, diverse storylines and make Place – and snapping caustically. Do it yourself Magnificent “the three question marks” – three editors of a Berlin newspaper – her regiment slouch in their airplane seats – a gift from the Emirates – and in listening to the current state of affairs, while commenting with smug tone what the woman in charge Merle laboriously has worked out: “did you mean that also happens to be?” (P 129). The cover story must always faster, lurid, but especially before the competition appear.

This is a political thriller that tracks the steps that draws attention started with passion to all that what is burning under his nails -. and certainly the most authentic piece of fiction, which currently provides the book market

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Radically from Yassin Musharbash Review
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