President Nixon Did Not Achieve Peace Without Honor

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The following sample essay on President Nixon Did Not Achieve Peace Without Honor. It could be argued that President Nixon did not achieve peace without honor. With honor comes peace most of the time honor comes from cops. Cops also bring peace to the table to they keep the peace between the government and the sovereign citizens. To be honorable and peaceful you have to be nice and outgoing, If you are peaceful you can be honorable. If you are honorable you do things with honor.

Honor is not an object it is a mindset. If you are honorable you will put others before yourself. The most important part is that others are happy before yourself.

This proved to be problematic as if he withdrew all troops in an instant, and left the South Vietnamese to fight their own battle, he would be seen as cowardly and lose honor. Nixon played a vital role in the war in Vietnam as under his presidency saw the extreme escalation of the war and the end of the war itself.

Most of life you will you a pen or a pencil and paper because your thoughts can not be heard or proven so you write them down so that when you are dead and gone someone will know what you were thinking at that point and time.

Like coach, grey said if you write it down make two copies and make one for the public and one for your family so that you sound good in one of them and that it can be publicized.

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When you put your writings somewhere do it where the good one is found first and the one with your real thoughts is found second like thirty years later so when it is published you will look good to the world and your family will really know how you feel. Football is one of the many sports that I play and it is the one that I like the most and is the one that I get the most playing time in so I play it more than any of the other sports, so most of the time you can find me playing football or sometimes I may be watching films from last time I played in a game I also may be reviewing plays or watching them I just depends on the mood I am in that day.

I also play baseball so sometimes I will watch like old world series or youtube home runs over the green monster witch happens often even tho it is the biggest and tallest wall in the major leagues and my favorite team is the texas rangers even tho they lose more than they win. The texas rangers are my favorite team but they lose a lot but it is just a game that they decided to go pro in so if they don’t like it they can quit playing or move to a different team but no team has a perfect record and you can’t always win so they learn to get over it and they take the good with the bad so they get used to it and they are blessed to be able to do that and get on tv and be America’s past time witch would be cool to be part of.

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President Nixon Did Not Achieve Peace Without Honor
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