Why Should We Honor Our Veterans Essay

A veteran is someone who fought in a war as a soldier, sailor, etc. However, this definition is not close to describing he heroism of these veterans, who lay down their lives for American freedom. Jeff Miller once said, move willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude. On Veteran’s Day, we gather to honor those who have served our country, whether it was five years ago, or fifty. Whether they served in the Persian Gulf, or Bosnia, we gather to revere them and give them the respect and the thanks that they deserve.

We thank them for protecting us from those who mean to do us harm. After all they have done for us, medals seem insufficient.

Essay Example on How I Honor Veterans

All veterans deserve to be recognized for their valiant actions. Veterans, who have served in wars, such as Vietnam, the Korean Expedition, and most recently, the war in Iraq, had to spend months at a time, not only away from their family, but also in very dangerous battle zones.

In 2010, Sergeant Salvatore A. Giant sprinted through heavy fire to get his squad leader to safety in Afghanistan. He fired at the enemy while running straight through their lines. Like this, they had to be willing to compromise their lives in order to save a fellow soldier or innocent civilian.

With every war we have fought, some of these people have died, been wounded or have been driven mad from mental anguish and are forced to relive their traumatic experiences.

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Veterans are true heroes, and they will always be in the hearts and memories of all Americans. Everyone in the United States should use this one day not as a day to relax, but as a day to honor the veterans who have strives to work towards protecting our freedom. Veterans who willingly put their lives in danger to ensure our freedom, deserve to be recognized as heroes in my eyes, as well as everybody else.

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Why Should We Honor Our Veterans Essay
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