Women And Honor: Some Notes On Lying

Adrienne Rich’s essay Women and Honor: Some Notes on Lying focused on the “possibility of life” between individuals anchored in truth. To examine the difference between the personal relationships of women between women and of man created a backdrop of women’s fears in losing control over a relationship and isolation. It posed women to be vulnerable in using lies as an alternate reality. Lying is a scapegoat in concealing the harsh truth that requires lengthy explanations.

Essay Example on Women And Honor Some Notes On Lying

Therefore, women are prone to committing the act of lying because it is with falsity that affirms women of their control in their own relationships and in their lives.

Lies destroy the communication of the truth and the being. Lies embody us to a different person. It is every lie that makes the recognition of the truth and the self impossible. In effect, the deceptive feeling of a women’s power to control her relationships worsen the complicity of identifying and keeping in touch with the truth of who she is and her essence.

On the contrary, lies, whether in words or in silence, rewarded a woman with a feeling of security and making things easier to deal with. The males became the women’s affirmation of their worth because the male are believed to be the speakers of the truths and facts. In fact, men only needed women to prove their manhood and to gratify their longing to hear what they want.

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Yet, women still continued to hide behind the veil of lies because of the social rejection when it comes to the deeper emotions involved between women.

Women must face the truth in order to fill the emptiness and aloneness they feel. Only truth will give birth to the possibilities of honor, honesty, and trust between people. It is the beginning of the resolution to unravel the questions behind the complexity of being a woman. It is only with truth that love emerges and brings a deeper meaning in our life.

Reference: Oates, Joyce Carol, and Robert Atwan. The Best American Essays of the Century. Boston: Mariner Books, 2001.

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Women And Honor: Some Notes On Lying
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