Learning Experience Compliance With the Code of Honor

Living The Honor Code strengthens your learning experience by helping us be truthful with ourselves and, it also increases personal growth and abilities. The honor code is designed to help us. It is to help us get as much as we can out of our schooling. If we lie and cheat our way through school, we will lie and cheat for the rest of our lives Being truthful is a key element of the gospel. In fact, the first line of the thirteenth article of faith is “We believe in being honest”.

I don’t think it gets any more basic than that. But even if no one would know God knows, and you know. When you are dishonest I feel like over time, lies eat away at you. The talk What Shall a Man Give in Exchange for His Soul? By Elder Robert C. Gay comes to mind. I would recommend you read the talk but the basic summary is a young boy goes to the movies every week and buys snacks to go along with the movie.

When he turns 12 the price goes up. But the young boy realizes that will mean fewer treats to go along with the movie. So he lies and says he is only 11. When he tells his dad about it, the dad asks. “Son, would you sell your soul for a nickel?” That line from that talk has stuck with me for years. Because yes it’s easy to lie, and sometimes you can get away with it but is it worth your soul? I would have to say no.

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Also when you take shortcuts in school, there is no one you are cheating but yourself. You are stopping yourself from progressing. When I was in Cosmetology School they always made us always do everything the long way.

They wanted us to make sure we understood everything about the basics before we tried something new. Which was great when you were first starting, but after a while you ask why? Over the course of school some of my classmates would take the easy way. Over time though, we learned new things where those basics were essential. And those girls who were taking shortcuts couldn’t keep up. As I have gotten better at hair, these past 2 years I am glad I stuck to those basics because they are always something to fall back on. In conclusion, I would have to say The honor code is another amazing tool put forth through the church to help us succeed. Being honest in everything we do is incredibly important. I know it’s easy to cheat, and in all likelihood, no one would ever know. But I would ask you “Was that worth your soul?”

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