Poverty and McDonaldization of Humanity

In today’s society humanity can easily be influenced by mainstream media and poverty. Also, most of the low-income workers do not recognize the situation until it is fully invaded in a person’s life. One of the considerations would be the McDonald’s company; young adults are mainly exposed to the environment working inside a McDonald’s restaurant and getting paid minimum wage. Also parents will continue to order McDonald’s because they want everything fast and simple. Nearly regards in today’s society have been affected on health and family.

The term McDonaldization was first noticed by a sociologist George Ritzer. In the book “Evicted” it talks about its conditions similar to Mcdonaldization of chasing on racism and the low-income individuals that cant afford their housing. McDonald’s has restructured the same way the company runs its employment through the process that Ritzer calls “McDonaldization”. In comparing to the book “Evicted” it has some similarities on affecting people’s life.

According to Ritzer, ”The idea of “McDonaldization” means the spread of growth and the idea of our society is more fast-paced and more effective “(Ritzer). This proves that today’s society moves just like a fast food cycle. For example, We want everything in our lives faster and more stereotype.which makes it addicted on face paced environments. Just like Mcdonald’s many features like drive thru of society trying to standardize everything, making it easier to calculate the possible outcome. Mcdonald’s goal promotes mass production and low-quality food is focused at producing the most profit can be achievable .

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Being a customer , we are viewed as less than human which compares to being evicted . Meaning of Our desires and intensity are showing results that are shown to influence the people to keep spending. Compared to the people that got evicted from getting their houses taken away which our fears and emotions. It affects their lives because we must remain logical with our thinking and therefore being clear and reasonable is crucial.

The book “Evicted”, Poverty is one of the key parts of the argument. Desmond’s main idea is that poverty is a big issue in which many factors are contributed but mainly caused by the need for affordable housing for low-income workers. In as well to racism mainly to African- Americans, it keeps the people that are being Evicted from moving into a secured and established neighborhood. Desmond observes these experiences, unusually noting the effects of eviction has on other areas of an individual’s life. In general, he argues that the number of evictions in Milwaukee and the country as a whole amount to a disaster. He proclaims that the country has considerations of right or wrong to address this situation and recommend a life-saving formula to help the poor people to keep their homes (Desmond p.147).

There are a few ways that McDonaldization that compares to the book of Evicted. One way would be if there is a McDonald’s built in some place unnecessary because of the growth of the McDonald’s restaurant . This causes people not getting their homes because of the government or the local community doesn’t want to make more homes and not spend money on the homeless people. Also, people working on minimum wage would not help them to be able to afford the expenses. Another comparison between McDonaldization and Evicted would be costs. Their are going up, and in a world of climate change, power costs are set to rise.

Mcdonald’s appears to offer convenience and value, and you know exactly how the food with taste. McDonaldization’ seems more a method of convincing people they are getting more for less money. closer analysis often reveals the opposite. This shows a similarity between Evicted by people staying in the ghetto and not making a way to not get out of the ghetto. According to Desmond, “By and large, the poor do not want some small life. They don’t want to game the system or eke out an existence; they want to thrive and contribute”(Desmond p. 65). This means that the poor are being controlled People in the area of opportunities tend to resent these newcomers and try to keep them in their “place”.

These points here shows that poverty is always there in the United States and is not noticed unplanned matter but rather to live the outcome to live “right”. What is a common act of the poor person in the face of lack of opportunity? it is to migrate to where there is an opportunity. People in the area of opportunities tend to resent these newcomers and try to keep them in their “place”.

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