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McDonaldization, Religion, and Politics Paper

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Today, they have more workers doing one single Job over and over again. Their actions have become rationalized, governed by scientific planning and focuses on the ends rather than the means, to the point where workers appear euthanized, a loss of human qualities or behaviors. Nationalization focuses on a few main ideas. The first idea of Nationalization is efficiency, the quickest and best way to a preferred end. A company will try to design methods and machinery for their product to be produced and in the hands of the consumer in as least amount of time as possible.

The second dead is calculability, focusing on the amount of product produced with as little material used to make them. By having pre-frozen hamburger patties, a restaurant doesn’t have to worry about using too much or too little ground In each of their burgers, thus saving them both time and money. The third idea is predictability; guarantee that a product will be the same each time, and in different locations. Predictability allows the consumer to know exactly what to expect where ever they choose to purchase a product.

This makes consumers feel more comfortable with the product and are willing to purchase it again. The next idea Is a system of control, customers, workers, and outcomes are manipulated subtly for a desired outcome. Trash cans with the words “thank you” are places In some restaurants that want the consumers to throw away their own trash. This saves the restaurant money by not hiring a worker to clean up after each customer. The last idea is irrationality of rationalities; the rational system denies human reasoning.

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The rational system tries to hide social problems such as demutualization and health and environmental hazards. What this system does succeed In Is disenchantment, science replaces gaga In social life, leaving a since of ensnarement. One area of life that Is being most affected in the past few years is religion, beliefs and practices that identifies a sacred world past the present physical world. In many ways, modern religion is becoming Nationalized. Rationalization has occurred in that religious actions are more planned out.

They are more predictable and people are becoming more complacent: get dressed, go to church, sit, stand and sing, sit, listen to the pastor, sing, give offerings, pray, and leave church ready to return next week for the same enamellings rituals. In today’s collects, many censures nave Decode more worrier about the numbers and calculations of people that walk through the doors each Sunday rather than the actual religious experience for each individual. Many people view religion as an efficient way to feel better about themselves and an easy way to reach their desired ends, in some cases a life after death.

According to the conflict model, religion serves the interests of more powerful individuals, rather than functional services to society. Theorists say that is keeps lower class people satisfied with their current situations, and they don’t try to better homeless. They use religion as a reason to Justify their social standard of living. In this way it also keeps the social class system the same and in check. One negative thing about religion is how enemies can be created, and evidence of this can be seen through history to present day.

The Crusades was an attempt to reclaim the Holy land from the Muslim people, and the basis of today’s modern terrorism is rooted in religious aspects. The interpretive model talks about societal and individual religious beliefs. It tells us how faith is interpreted by many people and in many different ways. There are any different interpretations of the Holy Bible for example. The Bible says the same thing, but many styles of churches have branched off from this one book. People pick and choose what they want to believe in and what suits their individual lives and actions.

They use their preferred religion to legitimate themselves. I have actually learned many things pertaining to my own religious beliefs. Vive seen how social solidarity, religion holding communities together, has impacted my up bringing in my established religious community. That the identity function, helps maintain and preserve people’s identity ,has show true in that my religion has reduced the man that I am today. The social control function, religion controls how individuals act morally, has shown me that though my morals are religiously based, some are also enforced by my social community as well.

The democratic function, religion can check political leaders, tells me that religion helps me choose who to vote into power. The meaning function, gives people answers has given a purpose to life for me, and I choose to be a better person because I know that everything I do here on earth will hopefully be meaningful for my life after death. Even though religion has become more Nationalized, it is not too late to challenge his system and give religion back its true power and meaning. What it comes down too is personal choice.

Don’t go to churches that worry about the number of members, but a personal relationship with God. A good way to do that is not to limit or set a time for a religious gathering. If there are many candidates running for political office, don’t vote for them Just because they have the same faith as you, but who they are as a leader and individual. Questioning people who are currently in power is the best way to see if they deserve their position. Most of all don’t use religion as an excuse not to better your own social standards.

McDonaldization, Religion, and Politics

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