The Importance of Having Faith in Humanity and Friendship

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Having a good friendship is one of the best experiences we could have in this world. There’s someone you can talk to if you have problems. Someone who will encourage you if you want to give up in your dreams. Someone who will celebrate with you if there are good things happening. Someone who can be with you to make crazy things in your vacant time. But sometimes there are people who came to our life and take us for granted and betrayed us despite of the good things we have done to them.

Some of them hides their true colors in your front but at your back they do stupid things or stub you. A lot of people who have a bad experiences in friendships didn’t trust the people surrounds them anymore. They avoid to have a close bond to the people they encounter. Yes, there are lots of people who have bad attitude but we should put in our mind that not all people are like them.

If we didn’t open our heart to trust again we may missed a good person that we can call a true friend who may help to mold us and who can be our companion in all times of our life. We should not judge all the people who come in our life just because of the bad experience we had in the past. Maybe now we should be very careful in picking up a friend. We should observe the behavior of the people surrounding us and let them part in our life.

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Let us do good things to them and show our sincerity to them. The important is we are true to ourselves and to the friendship we have to them. You have good motives and you didn’t do anything that can ruin your relationship with them. Because if they betray or cheat you and broke the friendship you had it’s not your lose it’s their lose because they trash a good friend they could have in their life.

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