Personal Statement For Hospitality Industry

Personal Statement

My name is Donna Shafira Khakim, I am 20 years old but almost 21 years old. I am Indonesian, and now I am about to finish my study in State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya and my major is English for Hospitality Industry, hotelier and tourism practitioner. I am active in the student association since I am a freshman until I am in my last year of study. By joining this association, I gained many experiences, sharpening my soft skill such as on how to speak in front of a huge audience, working in a team, handling the organization problems and many more.

One of the most memorable experience I got is when I was joining a volunteer program done by my organization that named Gerakan Polsri Mengabdi this activity is done by teaching the children who lives in the edge of Palembang city, located in Purwokerto district. This district is far away from the town, with the limited access to reach the city, the limited amount of school with the middle and lower economic society.

When I joined the volunteer program, I taught English to the children there, the basic language of English. I got that volunteer experience not only when I was in the college, but also when I was in senior high school. Me and also my group used to taught the children near our house and also near our school about English.

From all of these experience, I found that learning is something strong. By learning, people have power to explore themselves, and that is the main reason why I really want to continue my study to a higher level from Diploma to Bachelor degree.

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The reason why I chose Tourism Planning and Management course is because it is in line with my study and by choosing it I believe it can enrich my knowledge about tourism. This course is also seems interesting to me, Planning a tour, preparing a tourism destination place and manage all the things regarding to the main factors of a tourism destination or well known as 4A (attractions, amenities, ancilliary and accessibility). In my country, Indonesia we have a lot of tourism destination, yet still need a big concern from the tourism practitioner. Some of them are very good, but some are really need to get more attention, to get more changes according to the 4A factors of tourism. Me, myself has seen how tourism can give a multiplier effect for a country. It creates many job vacancies, since this activity involved many things just like the growth of hotel, the growth of traditional or international restaurant, it can increase the country income, build the sense of belonging and etc.

I have a dream to be a good tourism practitioner not only for my country but also for the world tourism, and to prove the seriousness of my dream I was joining a student exchange program done by SEAMEO (South East Asian Ministry of Education Organisation) to experience the atmosphere of being an international student in Thailand. I learn many things from that especially for the tourism subject that taught in one university in Bangkok, Thailand. Not only that, I am also active on attending the seminars about tourism in my own country and also joining a tourism competition. Therefore, I am really happy when I saw the scholarship program that offered by The University of Westminster and I really seek for an opportunity to be a student in this great university. I hope I can pursue my dream. Thank you

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