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The park itself is run by the State of California and is not run by the local city government. The California Parks and Recreation Department manage all State Parks and control who works at each location as well as how it is maintained or funded. The current director for California State Parks is Lisa Mangat after earning her position in 2015 and she now looks over this and 279 other parks. Malibu Creek State Park is patrolled and kept safe by California Park Rangers and is managed by volunteers or staff who work for the state.

“Annually, the National Park Service employs over 21,000 people and oversees 221,000 volunteers who contribute about 6.4 million hours of service.” (Garder 2015). Thousands of people contribute to the beauty and availability of run these State Parks because they are an important part of California’s geography. Malibu Creek State Park is funded by the taxes we pay every year as well as grants or private donations given to the park as a gift.

The park also brings revenue to itself by charging for the services it offers to tourists.

California State Parks attract many tourists as they make up a huge portion of California culture because of their untouched landscape and serenity. Many tourists are interested in being away from the city and relaxing or getting a taste of what life was like before California was industrialized. “In 2014, the National Park System received over 292 million recreation visits. Park visitors supported nearly $30 billion in economic activity..” (Garder 2015). Visitors are forced to pay for amenities such as parking when they visit to take a quick hike as there are no private or public parking spaces within walking distance of the park.

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Visitors also have to pay to reserve a campsite or use the park for a private event. Not only do they pay for the services, but they also have the option to buy a paper map when hiking if they don’t plan on accessing it from their phone. Small expenditures end up adding up and generate about $42 per visitor per day to not only the park, but the city as well because visitors buy food, gas, and other amenities on their way to the actual site. “The overall economic impact of visitor spending in this region totals nearly $529 million.” (CDPS 2010). The park not only makes money for itself but contributes tremendously to California’s economy. When taking into consideration how the park’s structure links to its economy, one may notice that campsites and other man-made sources were created specifically to make money. The parking lot was paved as well as roads leading to the campground and picnic area. These areas are paid for every time they are used and generate revenue daily.

Visitors must pay 3$ per hour or 12$ per day every time they visit, so the park automatically makes money just by having somebody drive-in. The structure also connects to the land use because hiking trails attract many people in the community looking to do exercise daily so these trails take up the most space. The rest of the land is used for camping which attracts fewer people than hiking does but it is used through a reservation system to ensure too many people will not be at the park at the same time and to make sure they will be booked all year. The park does a good job at managing its money because it does not take a large amount of money to maintain but does get back plenty of revenue for its services. Malibu Creek State Park is a geographical gem because of its vast services and landscape. Personally, this park demonstrates how it is managed very well because it shows a big impact on its community. The park is kept clean, litter-free, and shows no signs of vandalism- meaning that its neighbors and visitors have a sense of love and respect for it. One can also see how California’s geography is reflected within this park because its terrain is composed of many different geographical elements. The land is unique, just as California is, and offers a lot for those looking to explore or take a break from busy city life. It also offers opportunities for anyone who wants to have fun as it welcomes anybody, no matter what disability or difference they might have.

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