A Personal Childhood Memory of Visiting the Authors Grandmother

When I was a child, my favorite place to be was at my great grandma’s house. She was a very kind, loving person and she really loved the Lord. Grandma always had plenty of good food to eat and fun things to do; she was a really good cook and very creative as well. She was always ready to make us something good to eat, do crafts or go for walks with us. My two sisters, my brother and I liked to stay over night at grandmas; but we had to take turns because there was only one bed that could only accommodate one or two people.

Grandma used to make the best homemade apple pies. I remember going for walks up the dirt road where she lived, with apple trees all along the side of the road; we would pick as many apples as we could, then take them back to grandma’s house to make her delicious homemade apple pie.

A few more of my favorites were grandma’s chicken soup with the big fluffy dumplings floating on top, and her fresh baked bread. I always loved the smell of grandma’s cooking; but that was only one of the joys of being at her house.

I remember doing crafts with my grandma; she had lots of craft supplies because she never threw anything away. She had toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, yarn, wooden thread spools; if you needed anything, she had it. Grandma also had a big thick coloring book for us to color in, ‘the three bears’ that she knitted for us to play with, and a big comfortable hide-a-bed couch to sit on, to read or watch television.

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In the summer we used to pick gooseberries off her gooseberry bush, and I remember her saying, “Don’t eat too many or you’ll get the green apple trots”; grandma used that phrase a lot, one of my favorites. I used to sit outside on grandma’s lawn chair, my favorite, as well as everyone else’s too; it was one of those chairs where you could stretch out your legs and lean back. You had to be quick if you wanted to sit in it though; grandma rarely sat in it when we were there, but she didn’t mind.

I remember staying overnight at grandma’s house. We would sleep on her hide-a-bed couch, she would open it up and get it ready for us and put the big children’s Bible that she had, on it. We used to ask grandma ‘why’ a lot about certain things she did and she would always say, “Because my Jesus told me to”. She was a real devoted Christian and it showed in her personality; I cannot remember her ever being mad at anyone.

My fondest childhood memories are of my grandma and the times we spent together. I am thankful for my grandma, and the love she bestowed upon us and also for telling me about her Jesus, because if it wasn’t for her I might never have had a chance to get to know the Lord. She was the kindest, sweetest person I’ve ever known and I know I’ll never meet anyone like her ever again; she was one of a kind. I miss you grandma.

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