A Childhood Memory of Pulling My First Baby Tooth

A childhood event that I remember vividly is the first time I pulled my very first baby tooth. Only seven years old, dressed in a blue polka dot button down shirt, flared denim jeans, and socks with ruffles on the top. As a child I had never pulled my own tooth, I continuously asked my mother or grandmother to pull it for me. I woke up the next day being told that the money from the tooth fairy had been left with my mother.

I would recall that my front tooth was very wobbly, as if it was hanging on by a string. I refused to let anyone else to pull it out for me; I had decided that day that I wanted to put on my big girl shoes and pull it myself. I was determined that the next time a tooth was loose, to pull the tooth myself. Not a very smart idea, but then again I knew that this could be a breakthrough for me to finally meet the tooth fairy.

At the age of seven I was uncertain about how I would get the job done, only I knew that only I would pull my own tooth. Within the next two days I discovered a method that would pull my loose tooth out in no time; I would simply attach a piece of string to my tooth and the door.

The only problem was finding the correct materials to pull the tooth. I was not sure if I wanted to use fabric string or floss string.

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Fabric string was extremely too small, and floss string was too slippery, It was obvious nothing else would possibly pull my tooth. Until I found the longest piece of black yarn I had ever seen. It was like the tooth fairy just planned for me to pull out my tooth, and planned exactly what would do the trick. Without an ounce of fear in my heart, I quickly slammed the door allowing my loose tooth to quickly fall out of my mouth. Rapidly running into my mother’s room, I informed her about what had happened. She asked me how I would give the tooth to the fairy. I told her I would place the tooth under my pillow and wait for the fairy to come. I woke up the next day hoping that I would meet the tooth fairy, but my tooth was gone and the money was there. The great tragedy of my vivid childhood memory was I never did meet the tooth fairy.

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