Is Million Dollar Baby Based On A True Story

Million Dollar Baby is a sports movie fused with drama and a dash romance with a running time of two hours and twelve minutes and its characters and the events that unfold are based on a true story. The movie tells the story of Frankie Dunn, an aging boxing trainer who happens to be a veteran in the sport and has committed the entirety of his life to the game but with very little to show for his work.

Enters Maggie Fitzgerald who walks into Frankie’s gym and asks him to train her but Frankie is skeptical about the matter because he does not rank female boxing highly and he considered her too old at the age of 31 especially without neither experience nor technique to fight in the ring.

Frankie also bears great guilt from back in the day when he was training his best friend and most loyal employee who suffered an eye injury that ruled him out of the sport.

But Maggie would persist until Frankie accepts to train her and she develops into a strong fighter racking up win after win and a strong emotional bond is formed between the two who are also having off the ring complications with their families. Frankie’s daughter never responds to his frequent letters, his gym is facing closure by the bank and a fighter he was training signs up with a different manager as soon as he gets hot leaving Frankie out to dry. Maggie tries to form a relationship with her mother and sister but their only concern with Maggie is the money that she is making as a boxer and how much of that they could solicit from her after an unfortunate tragedy that she eventually succumbed to in hospital occurred during what would be her final boxing match.

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Million Dollar Baby Based On True Story

Sports is an integral part of the American culture and can be classified as high culture held strongly by its people. As a country, America is rich in history and this history is synonymous with sports as well. What might have begun a hundred years ago as players on a dusty field tossing a ball has rapidly evolved in…

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Is Million Dollar Baby Based On A True Story
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