Cultural Event: Visiting the Orlando Museum of Art

For my cultural event I decided to go and visit the Orlando Museum of Art. There were a lot of different types of art on display. My favorite exhibits had to be the ones on American landscape and the Tony Robbin exhibit. Those both really captured my attention. I also saw all of the art that the Aztecs created. It’s crazy how people from such a long time ago can create such wonderful art. There was one really cool exhibit by David Isenhour and instead of actual paintings, it was very unique looking sculptures that actually made you stand there and think about them and what the artist was thinking when he created them.

Exhibits Impressing Me the Most

I really loved the American landscape exhibit and when I first got to the museum I didn’t know that it was on display, but when I saw it I got so happy! I was happy because I am constantly taking amateur photos with my cell phone’s camera of the landscapes that I see, and I know that these were paintings but I felt somehow connected to the exhibit cause I love to take pictures of the same kinds of things.

The other exhibit that I really enjoyed was the Tony Robbin one.

I really liked it because back when I had a MySpace, I would always look for pictures that were like his. I think that they are called abstract paintings and they are literally one of my favorite types of art.

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I like them because you can look at them at different angles and I always see the paintings in a new perspective. One of the last exhibits I saw was the one on Aztec art. I was never one to be interested in Indian art, but these art pieces were so intricate.

The detail that these sculptures had is amazing and I would have never thought that that could be possible. Before I left the museum, I had to check out the David Isenhour collection because I knew a few people who had already seen it and they said it was really cool. They were definitely right, because the sculptures would take ordinary things and just add something that isn’t supposed to be there. For example, there was this tree that had no leaves and at the end of the bare branches, there were hands instead of the end of a branch!

It was crazy and at first I didn’t notice it, but then my mother pointed it out and I found amazing. The trip to the Orlando Museum of Art definitely helped in my understanding of the humanities cause first of all I never knew the Aztecs were so intricate and also all of the different landscapes made me better understand how the United States actually looks and the different kind of things that are out there. The experience I had really was a great one and it will most definitely be repeated in the near future.

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Cultural Event: Visiting the Orlando Museum of Art
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