How To Write An Observation Essay

This sample essay on How To Write An Observation Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

The observation essay is a paper that a person creates based on his own experience with something or someone. First of all, the writer observes the object of his essay and then put on the paper his impressions and thoughts. It’s one of the easiest types of composition as you are just watching around and writing down your opinions, acquainting others with your observation.

Hope you understand how to write an observation essay.

To observe means to notice details nobody pays attention to in everyday routine. The writer should be attentive to every detail and try to notice something special he’d never seen before. Observe all details before you are ready to compose your article.

We should mention that a good observation essay isn’t the same as just a descriptive paper.

To make this type essay does not mean to describe just what is going on around you. You need to have a determined aim of your writing. Make the reader understand why you are creating this paper and which aspects of the topic you want to attract attention to.

When you present your work, inform your readers what exactly occurred to you and in what way it happened. Try to reproduce the atmosphere you were in and show the feelings you had.

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It’s one of the main tasks of your paper, to make the reader feel what you felt.

Let’s find out how to write an observation essay and what parts it must consist of?

1The introduction

You should start your essay with an introduction, where you have to state the reason for composing this paper. In this part of writing, you must attract the reader’s attention to the topic and show the object you’ve observed. The introduction should contain some background information concerning your topic.

How to write an observation essay? Before you decide what to tell in this part, you must find out what kind of observation essay you are going to make. Is it an observation narrative or more like a scientific report? Think what is suitable for you and choose your type. You should pick an appropriate language when you are writing a scientific report. While creating a narrative essay the writer can make it more interesting by putting in a unique story from personal experience.

2 How to write the main body of observation essay?

The main body is the part of the composition where the writer presents all results of his research, expresses attitudes, feelings, and thoughts concerning his topic. You familiarize the reader with different sides of your observation and give your own opinion.

You can present the body paragraphs of your observation essay in many various ways as there are no strict rules how to design it. But don’t forget that your paper should be clear for your readers, so your thoughts have to be well-structured and consistent. Formulate your thesis in an interesting manner and don’t forget to add details.

3 The conclusion

The conclusion is a part of the article where the writer can summarize all his ideas concerning the topic. This part shouldn’t be too long though it must contain the thesis thoughts represented in the main body.

However, not too long doesn’t mean incomplete. Your target audience wants you to state clearly and fully what you wanted to say. Thus, pay attention if your conclusion is exhaustive enough.

Tips for writing an observation essay

Here are some tips for you how to create perfect writing:

  1. Make short notes. As you are writing an observation essay, you must always have notepad, notebook or, at least, a piece of paper. You don’t need to start your full writing immediately. At first, you take the notes of everything that attracts your attention and present them in very short and simple sentences. It can be just a few words, but they must express the hint of your thought. Once you decide that you have enough of these notes, combine them, divide into groups and make the observation essay outline. In such way, you’ll have an accurate plan for your composition.
  2. Put all events that you are describing in the chronological order. It’ll help the readers understand the situation you are talking about. In addition, it’ll help you not lose the main idea of your paper.
  3. Use Present Tense. This tip will help everybody conceive the live picture of what you are talking about. Using the past tenses, you only give a story, though, using the present tense, you give others the opportunity to have a fascinating journey with you.

Additional tips

  1. Connect observation with your theoretical knowledge. Your task is not to tell just what is going on around you. Think about situations and facts that you’ve seen and try to explain them with the knowledge you’ve learned from books. Try to be objective and use analytical thinking when you express your opinions.
  2. Give examples. Do your best to reproduce the real situation to your readers. Place in the text the detailed descriptions of the situations you were watching. You can also insert the extracts of the conversation between people to make your paper more attractive and brighter. Using the example of particular incident makes your thoughts more interesting. Do you still hesitate how to write an observation essay?
  3. Use the five senses. Make the reader understand what you feel. Let them realize everything you can see, hear everything you can hear, smell everything you can smell, taste everything you are tasting and touch everything you are touching. Don’t grudge your vocabulary to express all of your impressions and try to use appropriate vocabulary that’ll help the reader understand that he is a part of your team.

Don’t forget to edit your essay

Once, you’ve written your paper, pay attention to review it. Don’t think it’s the waste of your time. If you want to receive a good mark, you need to do your best. Examine your work to convince yourself that you haven’t omitted anything important.

First of all, check the spelling and grammar. Check whether you used appropriate linking words to connect the statements in your paper. Make sure you achieve the main aim you’ve stated at the beginning of your work. You can review your thesis by yourself, or you can ask someone to give their opinions and help you make your composition perfect.

Now you know how to write an observation essay.

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