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As a pupil societal worker, I was required to finish a Child observation over a period of six hebdomads. In order to fix I had to make up one’s mind the kid and household I wanted to detect, on this juncture I decided I would detect a kid from a assorted race back land of age 0-12 months.

The kid I observed was 12 months from a individual parent household and had three older siblings, the observation took topographic point at her place after I acquired consent from the female parent I started my undertaking. It was indispensable to understand what observation was and I determined that it is an informed manner of sing or looking at something that raises consciousness and increases apprehension.

At the start of the observation I felt really uncomfortable being in unfamiliar district, I felt that it was unjust for me to subject this household to my ain values, rules and biass.

Although I felt that my chosen environment in which to detect was the right one, I had great concerns of my deficiency of experience and how the household would react to me as an foreigner in their lives. I was besides really dying about how this procedure would impact me as a parent and my parenting accomplishments or deficiency of it was an intense minute.

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I questioned whether my function as an perceiver was truly necessary but I had to acquire apprehension of what observation was and meant to me. Trevithick ( 2012, pg: 169 ) stated “ that we learn a batch by detecting others and as such learn what is being transmitted through tone of voice, volume, modulation, position and gestures. “

Parent Child Observation Report

As I observed the kid I realised that I learnt a great trade non merely as an perceiver but as a female parent and contemplation on my ain childhood, upbringing and old occupation function. There was a great trade of idea about the emotional impact of the observation on myself as the perceiver. First I learnt the importance of observation, I realised that it was really indispensable to watch and listen than to talk because a great trade is achieved by watching, listening and being soundless. Baldwin ( 1994, pg 83 ) stated through observation one is “ hearing and valuing the voice of the ascertained ” , and I believed that without words being said there was a connexion between the kid and I. ( ability to stay degage to suspend opinion and chorus from engagement, being cognizant of feelings and attitudes evoked, non originating interaction, Precise entering which distinguishes what really happened from what reading,

Second I learnt that observation is a accomplishment that is learnt and acquired with preparation and pattern. Before this undertaking as a household support worker I was required to detect people and do determinations, I had no anterior train or cognition but I did it.In add-on Fawcett ( 2009 pg 16 ) stated that “ We learn much from our observations but we must accept that what we see is the tip of the iceberg. “ Observation assists the perceiver to acquire a better apprehension of the kid ‘s internal and external universe.

Furthermore had a great consciousness of the environment I was in and of verbal and non-verbal interaction between the kid and parent every bit good. Fawcett ( 2009 pg 17 ) conquers as she states that observation is a honoring opportunity to detect ways that people communicate and besides how different gestures mean different things in different civilizations. I was more cognizant of how power and hierarchies operate and how comparatively powerless place of kids, and this is clearly emphasised by ( Fawcett 2009 pg18 ) .

Despite the advantages of the observation there were a few disadvantages such as: I felt that one hr was a really short clip and I was non acquiring the whole image from the household. The observation was taking topographic point on Friday and that was a batch of clip in between visits. Inexperience was a large trade because I continually observed the kid as a female parent I was unable to detach my function as a female parent with my function as a pupil. Healy ( 2012 pg 34 ) argued that “ it is a pattern which recognises the centrality of the emotions, organic structure and head of the worker and service user ” . It is indispensable to observe that while there may be a few disadvantages as societal workers the accomplishment of observation is important to the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours pattern ( Tanner 1995 pg 50 ) .

As portion of the procedure I had to show my findings to the group and usage PowerPoint presentation on contemplation I learnt a great trade. As a societal worker one requires good written and verbal communicating accomplishments and I believe that through presenting to the group I demonstrated the accomplishments above. Stogdon & A ; Kiteley ( 2010 pg 147 ) emphasised that parts to treatments and note- pickings is the beginning of geting these accomplishments.

The feedback given to others made the capable country and what was expected clearer in the presentation. In pattern we are given feedback from service users and co-workers this was a readying procedure for what is expected. The importance of maintaining oculus contact and the audience interested in the capable affair, I had to guarantee that the group was clear on the points that were being made. Verbal presentation by single pupils is a opportunity to increase, progress and offer different methods of larning in the talks, ocular presentations. I had the benefit of the feedback and expertness, non merely from the talk but from my equals every bit good. My equals had an chance to inquire inquiries and this helped me do my points clearer. By showing to my equals, I was able to acquire constructive thoughts which I used in order to do alterations to the concluding bill of exchange. I besides learnt that it is of import to supply constructive feedback and how indispensable critical thought was during this procedure. Furthermore I gained insight into other countries of kid observation.

The disadvantage of showing was that it I felt clip was excessively short and it took clip for me to restrict my information to show. I was really emotional and nervous and this may hold come across during my presentation.

During the observation I picked up from the female parent that the kid ‘s male parent was non at that place for the first six months.Furthermore she stated that he merely came to see the kids when he felt similar and on most occasions unheralded. On the two occasions that he came round as a adult female and female parent, I was really angry and disgusted by his behave and I felt that he was non a good parent. I so reflected back to my childhood and the close relationship I have with my male parent and this made me traverse. As I observed him and the fond regard he had with his kids I realised that we are all human and can merely make our best and I had no right to Judge him. This was a lesson for me and to gain that in pattern there may be state of affairss that will prove my values beliefs and that I have to cover with them in a professional manner. Gibbs ( 1998 pg 9 ) stated that “ it is from feelings and thought emerging from contemplation that generalizations or constructs that allow new state of affairss to be tackled efficaciously ” .

Thomas and Pierson ( 1995pg 16 ) define anti prejudiced pattern as “ a term used in societal work preparation to depict how workers account of structural disadvantage and seek to cut down single and institutional favoritism on evidences of race, gender, disablement, societal category and sexual orientation ” . Observation was listed as one of the five cardinal phases that influence societal work because it helps the worker to see and what to look for beyond race and gender ( Howe 1987 pg 82 ) .Thompson ( 1997 pg 34 ) theoretical account of anti aˆ”oppressive pattern demonstrates the three countries that are joined personal bias, cultural beliefs and ethos and societal and structural factors. When working to safeguard and advance the public assistance of a kid the household, environmental factors, rearing capacity and a kid ‘s development are looked at which provides holistic position of a kid. As societal workers critical and complex determinations are made based on observations therefore it is indispensable that the accomplishments to detect and measure are achieved. This is due to the fact that determinations and actions have far making effects it helps to come to nonsubjective decisions while covering with a household. In societal work pattern all kids and their households should be treated the same regardless of their coloring material, gender, race or spiritual beliefs. On contemplation the observation was a learning curve ready for existent pattern.

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