SG spent most of the clip the observation was done asleep. When SG was awake though. a few experiments were conducted to prove her physiological reactions. SG showed consistent marks of every physiological reaction except the Stepping. and Tonic cervix physiological reaction. SG was non able to keep her caput up independently yet. and didn’t show any marks of other motor development mileposts ( Berk 2010. 107. ) SG’s eating wonts seemed to be on a agenda with her kiping wonts every bit good.

SG was being bottle Federal. She ate shortly after the observation began and awoke once more shortly before the observation ended.

Cognitive Development

“Piaget believed that babies and yearlings think with their eyes. ears. custodies. and other sensorimotor equipment” ( Berk 2010. 152. ) On Piaget’s Sensorimotor Stage. SG would be classified in sub phase two. This categorization was based on the manner SG would open her oral cavity for a bottle and a conciliator. Besides when SG awoke and needed bottle she would shout until she saw her female parent enter the room.

SG’s linguistic communication development merely consisted of weeping and cooing. The baby seemed to merely shout when she needed a diaper alteration or to be fed.

Social and Personality Development

SG seemed to overall be a happy babe. During the observation the baby showed no marks of gripes. The female parent and male parent of SG were really caring and provided a good stable place for her. SG was non neglected by neither the female parent nor male parent.

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Both parents seemed to be patient and loving towards the baby. SG would shout when she needed to be fed or have her nappy changed and her female parent would alter it and comfort her weeping. SG was fed twice during the observation. Once at the beginning by her female parent. and subsequently on during the observation by SG’s uncle.

The baby took the bottle good when it was given by the female parent. Opposed to when SG’s uncle tried to feed her. she didn’t take the bottle so good at first. SG’s uncle had merely seen her twice earlier. The fact that SG struggled to take the bottle from her uncle shows marks of Erickson’s theory of Trust V misgiving. “Basic trust versus misgiving consequences in trust when the kid receives sympathetic and loving attention. The leery babe can non number on the kindness and compassion of others. so she protects herself by retreating from people. ” ( Berk 2010. 184 )

Important Information learned

By detecting Infant SG. I realized that although the parents were demoing a batch of love and compassion by keeping SG they besides may hold deferred some of her motor accomplishments. A kid must be given the chance to construct strength and research their environment. It seemed that they were “suffocating” her in a manner. Not leting her to develop as rapidly. Which is non needfully a bad thing because she’s a babe. but harmonizing to the text edition SG seems to be a small slow in the developmental procedure.

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