Working Together To Safeguard Children Social Work Essay

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– Working Together to Safeguard Children ( 2006 ) sets out the procedure which should underpin initial questions under subdivision 47 of the Children Act, 1989. Social Workers are required to move in conformity with the General Social Care Council ‘s Code of Practice for Social Care Workers ( 2002 ) . Critically measure how these two paperss impact on the function of the Social Worker transporting out an initial question.

For the intent of this assignment I will concentrate on the publication ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children ( 2006 ) and the General Social Care Council ‘s Code of Practice for Social Care Workers ( 2005 ) to critically measure and research how they impact upon the function of the societal worker whilst transporting out initial questions.

The societal work profession promotes societal alteration, job resolution in human relationships and the authorization and release of people to heighten good being, using theories of human behavior and societal systems. Social work intervenes at the points where people interact with their environments. Principles of human rights and societal justness are cardinal to societal work ( International Association of schools of societal work and international Federation of Social Workers 2001 ) .

Social workers act as negotiants between the single service user and the wider society in order to help the person with the jobs they are confronting. This is performed by professionals using theories, their ain values and beliefs of human behavior and societal systems ( International Association of schools of societal work and international Federation of Social Workers 2001 ) .

Working Together to Safeguard Children ( 2006 ) provides counsel for professionals who are working with kids and their households to aids them in their safeguarding pattern.

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This papers places accent on the demand for joint working as this provides a assortment of cognition, theory and accomplishment when working with kids and their households. The General Social Care Council ( GSCC ) identified codifications of pattern that purpose to raise the criterions in societal attention services, foregrounding the duty of societal attention workers and their employers to guarantee that the codifications are followed within pattern.

The General Social Care Council ( 2005 ) highlighted that the Codes of Practice were to reflect the bing good pattern of professionals and shared the criterions and ethical pattern to which they aspired. The chief purposes of the Code of Practice are to inform services users and the populace of the criterions that they can anticipate from societal attention workers and to supply societal attention workers with clear lines of answerability, hence guaranting that workers are cognizant of the duty upon them to guarantee that these behaviors do non fall below the criterions expected of them as this can take to the dismissal of workers ( GSCC 2002 ) .

Social workers are challenged on a day-to-day footing to continue the Codes of Practice while implementing authorities policies and processs and have the duty for doing hard determinations and recommendations that will finally impact and impact upon the lives of kids and their households. It is hence critical that professionals are able to do these determinations by pulling and reflecting upon counsel to enable professionals to do ethical and sound determinations in the best involvement of the kid and their household. Social workers have to accept and be accountable for all their actions and necessitate to be able to explicate why they have acted in a certain manner. Therefore societal workers need to hold a good apprehension of how nature and society affects the manner in which they pattern enabling them to work aptly and expeditiously.

Social workers strive to guarantee that kids are protected from injury as best they can and in order to make so societal workers are trained and led by policies and processs set out non merely by the authorities but besides from within the using authorization. The jurisprudence besides forms an indispensable portion in the determination doing procedure to guarantee that kids are non capable to important injury.

Professionals have a responsibility to look into and complete initial questions under Section 47 of the Children Act 1989, if there is sensible cause to surmise that a kid whom is populating or found within the local country is believed to be enduring, or is likely to endure important injury ( HM Government 2006 ) . The Children Act 1989 introduced Significant Harm as the threshold that justifies mandatory intercession and determines if a kid is made capable to a protection program or provided with support in the kids and households arena ( O’Loughlin & A ; O’Loughlin 2008 ) therefore a kid may be supported on a kid in need footing.

The procedure will get down at the referral phase which is the first point of contact when information and or concerns are brought to the attending of Children ‘s Services, this can include a instance that is already unfastened to the associated local authorization if there are an accretion of concerns or a pre birth appraisal indicates important injury to an unborn kid ( DOH 2006 ) . A squad director and a lead societal worker will be allocated to the instance and a determination will be made as to whether or non there are concerns which could present possible or existent injury to the kid, if this is so so a determination will be made to continue to a scheme meeting and will be recorded at this point by direction.

A scheme meeting should affect Children ‘s services, Police, Education, Health and any other relevant bureaus who are working with the household. Working in partnership with all professionals involved is indispensable as sharing information helps to construct a clear image of the kid, household unit and the issues doing concern, therefore advancing the safety and good being of the kid ( Children Act 1989 ) . However in some cases this sharing of information is done without the consent of the parents which instantly conflicts with the codification of pattern set out by the General Social Care Council ( 2005 ) as it states that the rights and involvements of the service user must be protected, esteeming and keeping the self-respect and privateness of the service user. Already there is a contradiction get downing between the Working Together to Safeguard Children counsel and the Codes of Practice.

Another struggle emerges if the result of the scheme is to continue with a Section 47 question, due to Working Together to Safeguard Children ( 2006 ) saying that ; ‘Parents and those with parental duty are informed of concerns at the earliest chance, unless to make so would put the kid at hazard of important injury, or sabotage a condemnable probe and that as parental consent has non been obtained any work done should be practiced in a mode which allows for future working relationships with the household ‘ .

This sounds plausible and is aimed to be in the best involvements of the kid nevertheless it conflicts with the Codes of Practice ( 2005 ) which province that ; ‘a societal attention worker must endeavor to set up and keep the trust and assurance of service users ‘ . As a societal worker it is improbably hard to continue the Codes of Practice whilst following the counsel of Working Together to Safeguard Children, due to non being able to be as unfastened and honest during the initial contact as possible. The principle for this is that the lone information to be provided to the household is that, that is agreed within the scheme meeting ( HM Government 2006 ) .

Whilst transporting out a Section 47 question it is indispensable that the kid in inquiry is spoken to entirely as this gives the kid the chance to show their wants and feelings and allows professionals to garner farther information. If the kid is non spoken to alone it reduces the ability to suitably measure the demands and hazards environing the kid. When talking to the kid it is imperative that treatments are practiced in a manner that minimises hurt but maximises the likeliness that they will supply accurate and complete information as deriving the kid ‘s positions can be critical in the bar of important injury ( HM Government 2006 ) . Clearly saying that professionals are able to talk to kids without the consent of parents or anyone with parental duty, if there is grounds that the kid would be placed at farther hazard should the parents be informed.

Consequently societal workers are following the counsel from Working Together to Safeguard Children yet ignoring the Codes of Practice which places a responsibility on the societal worker to ‘communicate in an appropriate, unfastened, accurate and straightforward manner ‘ ( GSCC 2005 ) .

Section 47 questions may include a medical scrutiny and failure to consent from the parents or failure to let the kid to be seen in general may ensue in the professionals holding to do an application to the Court in regard of being granted appropriate orders such as an Emergency Protection Order or Assessment Order, professionals will be directed by legal professionals in this blink of an eye.

Once once more there are struggles within this, in regard of the Codes of Practice, by go toing Court and seeking an order, households may experience that they are non being listened to or their wants respected, in some scenarios it may be felt by services users that their privateness and self-respect is non being respected. However there is one Code of Practice that has some similarities to Working Together to Safeguard Children ; ‘taking necessary stairss to understate the hazards of service users from making existent or possible injury to themselves or others ‘ ( GSCC 2005 ) .

It may besides go apparent when finishing a Section 47 question that the kid in inquiry and siblings if any, may necessitate to be accommodated whilst subsequent appraisal are complete. The local authorization will whenever possible effort to guarantee that the kid can stay at place and appropriate stairss will be taken to guarantee the kid ‘s safety, nevertheless there are times when the hazard is such that there is no other option than to take the kid from the household place ( HM Government 2006 ) . There is a clear contrast to the Codes of Practice as they province that ‘service users have the right to take hazards ‘ hence placing professionals in a place whereby they need to do determinations as to whether the hazards can be managed without go forthing the kid at hazard of farther injury.

As a societal worker you are faced with struggle and quandary when trying to work in conformity with both Working Together to Safeguard Children and the Codes of Practice. This leads to dilemmas in pattern that require consideration and in order for societal workers to do sound and professional opinions it is indispensable that societal workers have regular supervising to help their pattern, let them to reflect on determinations made, look at assorted intercessions and possible results. Supervision allows for societal workers to guarantee that they provide effectual and efficient work with kids and households.

Working within child protection is complex and the demand to portion information is critical hence any determinations that are made with respects to kids should be done so in a multi-agency mode. This aims to guarantee that professionals are non separately held accountable for failure to work in conformity with the Codes of Practice and authorities counsel while integrating inter-agency working, which is cardinal when battling kid maltreatment ( Working Together to Safeguard Children 2006 ) .

The Codes of Practice ( 2005 ) express the demand for societal worker to be accountable for their ain work, this includes the demand for societal workers to recognize and esteem the functions and expertness of other professionals and work in partnership with them. Joint supervising with professionals in a similar field gives the chance to portion cognition and skill an may cover something the fellow professional has failed to detect hence providing and even best quality of service to the populace.

It has become copiously clear throughout this assignment that societal work is of all time altering and that the determination devising procedure, separately or jointly between professionals is ne’er easy, particularly when it involves the lives of kids and immature people. Adhering to The Codes of Practice whilst besides adhering to authorities counsel, merely, causes struggle in pattern this is something that may ne’er alter and as a societal worker it is imperative to observe this and whilst following policies and processs we must non bury that the kids we are seeking to protect and the households that they belong to are people, human existences with feelings, rights and deserve to be treated right.

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