Winter Gala Essay

The Winter Gala is a winter performance in our center that invites current families to attend an event at our center. The children will perform a collection of songs, poems, finger plays, or other material from the curriculum. What are the Goals and Objectives of this event? Historically we see a dip In enrollment In January as a result of families not returning to the center after the winter holiday.

The goal of the Winter Gala is to keep families engaged with the center during the winter holidays when vacation and time way from the center can cause families to feel disconnected.

When/ Where will the event be held? Performances will be held Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 6 pm. Performances will be held In our lobby on our stage! Who will be performing?

The following classrooms will be performing: o Preschool o Pre-Kindergarten o Kindergarten o School-Age Winter Gala-Performance Activity Suggestions Performance Suggestions Classroom Songs: consider selecting age-appropriate songs from the Winter songs & Fingernails book from the Winter curriculum such as: o Five Little Snowman Fat If It’s Winter o Mitten Song o Winter Song For School-Age children consider non-religious holidays: o Frosty the Snowman o Jingle-Bells o Winter Wonderland Post-Event Activities we recommend noosing a Tee actively rater ten event to encourage Tamales to socialize with staff members and other families.

Winter Gala Ideas

Suggested activities include: o Family Photo Ops 0 Families can take photos with their child after the performance.

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O Cookie Decorating 0 Families can decorate cookies together in their respective classrooms after the performance.

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Winter Gala Essay
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