"Christmas and winter stories" by Hoffmann und Campe

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The nine small “Christmas and winter stories” that Hoffmann und Campe published under the title “A kind of mess”, derived from the 2014 deceased writer Siegfried Lenz. He wrote from 1951 to 1966, originated in the time, therefore, in the masterpieces that established his still unbroken fame and was made into a movie: “So tender was Suleyken Masurische stories.” (1955), “The Man in the current “(1957),” the lightship “(1960),” the German lesson”.

The stories take us back to a very strange appearing time – to people who have survived even a world war to discarded today forms of cooperation, also partly exotic customs from the home of the author, Masurian his three thousand lakes.

By reading the distant past (including old orthography) and some worth preserving brings to light, it gives food for thought about the old and the new times, but at the same time cheerful, because what Siegfried Lenz always apart is the Hanseatic sober ease his Erzähltons even if he harrowing events or complications exciting design.

nostalgia may not arise in these stories, even homely contemplation. They play in the coldest and darkest time of year. Snow and ice make almost all poverty-stricken people in their draughty accommodation to create. The lack of clothing and fuels pointed to the need, so that the fear of freezing to death is greater than the starving. The thought of a Christmas celebration with good food and gifts, as they have been from the past in memory is infinitely remote. Some is happy if he has his stay hot at least once on Christmas Eve.

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"Christmas and winter stories" by Hoffmann und Campe
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