Winter Dreams F Scott Fitzgerald

The story “Winter Dreams,” which was written by F Scott Fitzgerald, basically focuses on a young boy, Dexter Green, and his dreams of becoming one of the elite members of society. Although his aspirations are very great, Dexter basically lived a simple life and was contented working as a caddie for rich people at a golf club. However, all this changed when he met Judy Jones, whom he found extremely beautiful. Basically, Dexter saw in Judy the embodiment of his dreams and aspirations so he decided to quit being a caddy and went to college.

He also worked as a partner in a small laundry business and after some time, he became wealthy and successful. When he returns to the golf course, he again meets Judy but this time, they fall in love with each other. However, after Judy goes away for some time, Dexter starts an affair with another woman named Irene. Although he was able to see Judy again during a dance party, he refuses to break his relationship with Irene.

After serving as a soldier in World War I, Dexter meets with a friend who tells him that Judy has already been married. In addition, his friend also told him that Judy’s is no longer beautiful, which basically devastated Dexter.The title of the story, “Winter Dreams,” aptly describes the life of Dexter, who began his dream of becoming one of the elite during the winter. Although he achieved his goal when he became successful and when he had a romantic affair with Judy, his “dream” was shattered when he learned in the end that she was no longer the same beautiful girl he first saw when he was still fourteen years old.

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At the end of the story, it was shown how disappointed and devastated Dexter felt when his friend told him that Judy is no longer pretty.Basically, Dexter’s perception of Judy, in a way, shows how superficial his dreams are and how shallow his personality really is. Although he dreamed big, his true desires were mainly physical and could easily fade in time, which was shown in his emotional display before the story ended.

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Winter Dreams F Scott Fitzgerald
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