"Death thank" by Helen FitzGerald

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Will Marion can not be called a lucky guy necessarily. he had on the wise counsel of his parents heard might have his life may take a very different course. Was it really love that had attracted him to Cynthia – or insatiable desire? Cynthia – even had to purchase a young woman with a lot of experience before they are married to Will, had been together a long time with Heath Jones, a man with very loose, brutal hand of Cynthia, so that enough money was available for their daily drug demand.

Unfortunately, he then brought to a criminal, which he now sits in jail. But he will persevere, always write to the Parole Board and ask for his release – and Cynthia will always wait for him. How can it even with such a “fagot” from man like Will endure? What it concerns itself, it imagines to be discovered one day as a singer.

Cynthia gives Will a female twins. Georgie and Kay.

Your self is on their ego trip everything that has to do with kitchen, children and shit, am ass over, and as a junkie she sees everything anyway pink. How does Will full responsibility and education the two girls. Unfortunately, he is unemployed. His film projects never got beyond the stage of development. His parents, who have come as a happy heirs without trouble to great wealth and have invested in real estate on Spain’s coast, Will have requested for a small salary with their management. But the deal only runs mau, so Will it must, as it comes by.

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As the girls three years old, Cynthia goes one day to go shopping, but no longer find the way home. For the next year she suggests their tents in India and Egypt. While Kay always was a happy, life-affirming child, Georgie is not just stink except for her father Will, but hates him profoundly. Had it not as a failure, Cynthia would perhaps have remained. A difficult love triangle.

Although the wealthy grandparents in front of their friends only to rave about their great granddaughters, for they would do anything ( “as long as ‘everything’ was to have anything to do”), may her son Will expect from them neither a mild monetary gift yet small babysitting assistance. So like it or not, he finds himself as the only father among so many mothers, the ballet, the parent-child circle and the coffee party, where he had neither creams nor curtains can contribute something of their own. And then the pickup of part-time widows or Bürohengst wives who admire him at the same time and do not take on full: “Is not he cute?” Since he longs prefer Cynthia’s return brought about – but in vain.

More than ten years later. The two girls can hardly still remember it – he must find her mother absolutely. The twins are seriously ill – always so yellow in the face, and she can not urinate more. Your kidneys fail, dialysis gives only a short time delay, with no new donor organs they will die … To find out what drives Cynthia’s whereabouts, to Will goes to Heath to prison, even hired a detective. All this he does only his daughters to love; that it can search for Cynthia, she learned only much later.

Helen FitzGerald’s novel “Death goodness”, translated from English by Steffen Jacobs, the problems addressed by dying or living with a kidney transplant in an extraordinary and fascinating way. Many passages designed the author of content, but also linguistically surprisingly different – sometimes reporting, sometimes descriptive, sometimes telling, full of pace and change of perspective; in between tables, letters, diary entries or alphabetical filing shelves … The sound is compelling smart, often humorous (The girls need a “limited Gucci totes-kidney”), always matching environment and personnel – Heath: vulgar and aggression loaded; Cynthia: demanding and dishonest; Georgie and Kay: lively, bold and fresh; Will: descriptive, analyzing, tabular arranging.

All this serves the characterization.. In an embarrassing embarrassing scene Cynthia exposed as untruthful and self-centered as she complained that this “hideous Goth girl in the hospital” (and she means her daughter …) nevertheless has actually refused their money for the next shot to give.

sentimentality never sets in. The pace of the novel leaves little time to delve into emotions. Since there are shocking scenes with Heath in jail or mother Cynthia, since the equipment everyday is to take the girls, as it comes just. Realistic, cool, sometimes macabre.

The characters impress with their depth and impress sometimes by their inconsistency. Heath and Georgie, for example, be outwardly very different from what they really are. you can hear them talk himself, as a spittle stays away. Heath is to exploit a violent scumbag who behaves like a virtuous helpers and yet wants nothing more than the plight of the girl for himself; Georgie, who always dissatisfied, jealous sister wants, and kill themselves most like her father – and turns out to be more sensitive, is yearning for love man.

In addition to Georgie and Kay father is Will’s outstanding and tragic figure. , Without hesitation, he would give his own life to his children, so that both can live with its institutions; He googling after appropriate killing methods. But he is considering other possibilities, and it will come up with much before it comes to life or death .

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"Death thank" by Helen FitzGerald
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