Persuasive Essay About Helen Of Troy

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You can never over power the beauty I possessed. You may be a fool to think you’re prettier than me. Hal But even the goddess of love and of beauty was compared to me. I cannot blame them since I am the daughter of Zeus and Lead. My life has been like hell, I always feel Like I’m In this game called “Tug of War”. I am the rope and the men are the ones that are pulling to each end.

But despite of the game, I only have one true love, prince of Troy, Paris.

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When I first met him, I was enchanted. Oh how charming he can be. I fell in love at first sight. And since then, we have been sneaking UT at night Just to feel each other’s rush of desire. But I am already married to Menelaus that time, so I decided to run away with Paris and leave my life in Sparta.

We got married immediately and I was crowned Helen of Troy. As soon as Menelaus knew Paris and I betrayed him he launched a thousand ships to take me back to Sparta.

Whoever wins the battle claims me. The music filled my ears we have won the battle have we not? Then why did the people die because of me? Who would want that? Am I the cause of this war? I never meant this to happen! Oh no! No! No! Bodies fell to ground, heroes come to their deaths.

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Is It really worth It that people died because of my sin and temptation? I saw him killed In front of me, slowly dying and I could see the defeat in his eyes.

Oh Paris my love, forgive me for this has to happen. There’s nothing I can do, I am the reason behind all of these, the Trojan War The city burned down because of my beauty, the beauty that caused the deaths of many people and the beauty that killed the man I love. How can I ever overcome this overwhelming pain? This leaves me choice but to go back to Sparta, there is no reason for me to stay. Yet, he will always be in my heart. Well still love each other forever and always Paris.

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Persuasive Essay About Helen Of Troy
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