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A movie that is based on the on the narrative of love and war. Paris the Prince of Troy played by Orlando Bloom. was fell in love with the Queen of Sparta who is Helen ( Diane Kruger ) who happens to be the married woman of King Menelaus that has been convinced by his brother Agamemnon to assail Troy. To win the war he recruits Achilles the greatest warrior of all clip. to contend with the Greeks and they ne’er been defeated until Achilles died.

All of us who have read the work’s of Homer would be more aroused to see what is look like of Helen and the brilliant work of the wooden Equus caballus of the Trojans. The Trojan Horse in the movie was non plenty to warrant what we have read from the narrative. it was supposed to be one of the major events. From my point of position the film shapers will do you experience nescient because they may believe that you are non cognizant of Grecian mythology.

I’ve seen besides that the histrions tare non really good suited for there characters. like Achilles could be more like a hero to this film. or Paris could had been more persuasive than to be diffident because he must is acquiring Helen’s attending. retrieve she is the most beautiful adult female in this narrative.

Possibly some of the scenery in this movie is good but some are non. The scenes of the collapsible shelters. the barbarian ways of the people.

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and the costumes in this movie was acceptable. When it comes to artistically plan of the movie as describes from the book it is non good presented as a whole.

They have forgotten that the war lasted long. it could hold should that other people would be aging by that clip. This movie lacks from luring the audience to watch it until the terminal. I think if person is non knowing to this movie they will take to pick one of the histrions like Brad Pitt to wait for an exciting minutes of the scene. Worst some of us possibly caught kiping for the it didn’t truly made an impact to the people who had a great outlook to this movie.

What I like to this movie is that the bravery of doing this film. because nowadays most of the immature 1s are non familiar or good informed to this sort of heroic narrative. They have got my ballot for being one of our reminders to larn more things from our antediluvian narratives. what the great authors of the universe have contributed to feed the universe about civilizations and tradition. Like for illustration in this narrative they have implicated to pay regard for the dead. the war had stopped for 12 yearss because of Hector’s funeral.

This lone shows that in even in the conflict. there are somethings that will go forth us follow traditions and regard for each other remains. The good thing is what great creative persons from the yesteryear. has provided us a long permanent work of art. We know really good that up to now we benefit from this because creative persons today are still utilizing it. I believe that whatever civilizations or histories in the past that we have. will ever impact our present lives. though we may non be cognizant. If you will truly look at it. this things truly helps us to get by in this universe together with our yesteryear.

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