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F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald lived during the time of the Great Depression, where money was low In almost every household. This pushed Fitzgerald favorite topic of a poor boy becoming rich Into the American public. Dexter, the mall character In “Winter Dreams” went from being an average boy that was living a good life to a rich man because of the love he had for a wealthy girl named Judy Jones.

Through, “Winter Dreams” Fitzgerald explained the major events of his own life.

Although many critics believed that Fitzgerald had a great talent in writing and he lived a great life, some live that he wasted the talent that was given to him by drinking and shortening his life every day. Many believe that he was responsible for his own death.

Fitzgerald did not come from a wealthy family; however the family was considered upper- middle class. Fitzgerald was born to Edward and Mollie Fitzgerald on September 24th 1896 In Saint Paul Minnesota. Since his parents were strong Catholics, they sent him to two different private schools.

The first one was the Holy Angel in New York, and later after having some money problems they moved back to Minnesota and he tended SST Paul Academy. The most well known school that Fitzgerald went was Princeton.

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While he was there he wrote for the Nassau magazine as well as the Princeton Tiger school newspaper. He attended Princeton for a few years until World War One began. At the time of the war the country was flooding with nationalism and many young fit boys were enlisting to play their role for their country. And of course Fitzgerald Joins with his fellow classmates.

Winter Dreams American Dream

After Fitzgerald came home from the war, he started his writing career with his first novel, This Side of Paradise. This novel spooned greatly and was an instant, famous American novel at the time. After a few short stories for magazines such as “Winter Dreams,” he published his second novel, The Great Gatsby. This novel was also a great success and the American public loved his work. Fitzgerald wrote his best work when he was the most popular (Bryant and Pits 5). However, after The Great Gatsby, his career In writing started to go downhill “… E was dead as an author before he was dead” (Chain. E. Charles 77). This was because he and his lovely wife were partying every day, and they had become heavy drinkers. By the near end of Fitzgerald life, everything was completely broken. His wife was in a hospital because she was having Psychotic episodes, and he had a really bad habit of abusing alcohol. He passed away by the age of forty four. “Winter Dreams” portrays an average American kid growing up to living the American dream, or at least trying to do so.

The story takes place in a few different states throughout the United States. “Winter Dreams” passes by summer, fall winter and spring quickly showing us how fast time is passing by in the story. Dexter, the main character starts if the story In the state of Minnesota. HIS part time Job was to be a caddie, and he was pretty good at his Job, Dexter falls In love with a beautiful, stunning girl named Judy Jones. However, the fantasies that Dexter has for Judy cannot play out because of the class difference between Judy and Dexter.

Judo’s family is considered wealthy Judy Dexter decides to get rich and become part of the wealthy life. After college Dexter invests in a laundry business at a town near his home town in Minnesota. This brings Dexter a great deal of money and now he is considered rich. Due to the money e now has he tried his best to fit with the wealthy people in the town. However, he will never be like them because of the fact that he is new money while the others are old money. His plan of getting rich and then getting Judy somewhat plays out right; he gets invited to dinner with the Jones’ family by Judy.

When Dexter is in Judy room he knows that she has had many lovers before but he does not seem to care. Time passes by and one day Dexter realizes that Judy does not actually love him, and he realizes how crazy he was being. To get away from his mistakes he marries a girl named Irene and attempts to forget everything he can about Judy. A few years after his marriage Dexter ends up having an affair with Judy, having realized once again how stupid he was being he moved to east New York with his wife.

While he was there he decided to Join the army and take part in WWW. When he returns from the war he learns that Judy Jones is now married, and not only that she has lost the stunning beauty Dexter once loved her for. That is when Dexter knows that his “Winter Dreams” of being with Judy and all of her money is not gone and he can’t ever get it back. Winter Dreams” and Fitzgerald life have a direct connection to each other. Dexter lives in a Minnesota for most of the short story and then moved to East New York.

These were also the two places that Fitzgerald lived during his life time, he was schooled in New York when he was a boy and later moved to Minnesota due to money troubles. The two main characters in the short story, Dexter and Judy, represent Fitzgerald own love life that he has with Zelda. In the short story Dexter proposes to Judy, and gets rejected. This also happened to Fitzgerald when he first reposed to Zelda. “Winter Dreams” also shows a direct connection to Fitzgerald personal life as well. Fitzgerald took part in World War One and Dexter also Joins the war in the story.

Many critics viewed “Winter Dreams” as the start of Fitzgerald writing career. This was the story that made him popular with the American reading public. And some people believed that Fitzgerald wrote his best works when he was at his highest level of being an author (Bryant 6). The American public responded well to the “Winter Dreams” which inspired Fitzgerald to make it into a novel. This wows how Fitzgerald liked to use his short stories as experiments to see how the topic or theme is responded to by the readers.

Although Fitzgerald wrote many great short stories and novels, some critics believed that, towards the end of his life his works were nothing compared to his earlier works (Bryant 60). Also many people believe that he was responsible for his own death, because of his drinking problems he was shortening his own life. It was considered wasting his great talent of writing stories and novels ( Chain 77). Fitzgerald was one of the greatest American writers to ever lived, he was brought up in an average family and turned out to be wealthy because he chased and earned the American dream.

A few stories like, “Winter Dreams” represents the American dream and his own life. Although he had a tough adulthood with his wife being a in a hospital and him drinking more than ever, he still tried to keep his dream alive.

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