When the Mountains Fall Eternal Bride

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The last novel of Chingiz Aitmatov, the great humanist and utopian. And let it utopian, but I’m still on his side. Nothing worse than when neither of you do not believe. And the reality presentedin in his works, as this cruel and corrupt world is still ruining the character, but not his spirit slomlyaet. And before us necessarily appears strong, heroic figure, which had to contend with fears, misery, and despair neponimaniemi.

In the novel “When the mountains fall (Eternal bride)” the author shows rasprostroninie market, business, around, everywhere.

buy-sell can be everything. People who voluntarily sold his soul for the sake of wealth and fame. People who are bored are ready to fly to distant lands, what would entertain themselves and to hunt for rare and strange for them beasts. Enterprising people who at any time will be able to live successfully, tenacious, smart, capable. And the people, driven to despair, poverty and envy, ready to terror, murder. And he Arsen Samanchin, a journalist, a witness of it.

I can not say that this is the strongest novel by the author, but I captivates man’s attempt to vosmidisyatom year of life to keep up with the times, try to write in modern language, use slang. It turns out it’s true a bit awkward, but really cute. But when he returns from the city back to himself, to his mountain village, things get closer, dearer. Yet the world has changed. “As important as the world in its place.

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” And the protagonist again be able to feel it, he bestowed this happiness, this blissful moment, love and understanding, before the difficult moments of hopelessness, despair and self-sacrifice.

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When the Mountains Fall Eternal Bride
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