My Impressions about The Princess Bride Movie

The Princess Bride was a film that did poorly. In my own opinion, I didn’t necessarily love the movie but I also didn’t think it was completely horrible. Before watching it, I had no idea what the movie was about and what to expect. I never saw a trailer or anything for it. I went into watching the movie with an open mind. Once I had completely saw the full movie, I then watched the trailer for it. If I had seen the trailer before watching the movie, I probably would of had little to none interest in it.

The trailer itself was pretty bland and boring.

My thoughts about the original trailer

Watching the original trailer almost put me to sleep. To begin with, the music just doesn’t match with the movie at all. In the trailer, the music that they are using is a slow and almost a calming type tune. That doesn’t set you up for what the movie is like.

The movie has fighting, kidnapping and killing in it. When you think of those three things, you most definitely don’t think of a slow paced song. You think more of an upbeat song that gets the blood flowing and makes you feel a little intense. With that being said, that is one of the major things that I would change about the trailer. I would find a different song that I feel as though is more suitable to the movie itself. I would want viewers to be interested in the trailer and make them feel like they want to see this movie.

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Another thing that I noticed about the original trailer is that they kind of give away most of the movie just in the trailer. I feel as though they included most of the major parts in the trailer and made it so that just by watching to trailer, you can figure out the movie and what its all about and almost guess at everything that is going to happen within the movie. If i were to change the trailer, I would definitely take out some of the scenes that they put in the trailer. I want the views to get a solid idea of what the movie is about but I don’t want to be giving away every single big detail. I would want to make the views feel like they need to watch the movie because they want to know what else is going to happen. My trailer would show buttercup being kidnapped but, I would want them to question if she was ever found or not because if they are questioning that, then it is more than likely going to draw people in and make them want to watch the movie so that they can answer all of the questions that are running through their head. In the trailer that I found, right in the trailer is says, “ She gets kidnapped, he gets killed, but it all ends up ok”. To me, I feel like that shouldn’t be included in the trailer at all. That right there is basically telling the people who are watching the trailer what the movie is all about. You don’t want to viewers to know that everything ends up okay. If they know how the ending turns out then they are not going to show any interest in watching the film.


In conclusion, I think that the trailer should have been re done in a completely different way. After watching the trailer, I can understand why the movie didn’t do all that great. It wasn’t necessarily because the movie itself wasn’t that good, it was more because of the way they advertised it. They didn’t spark anyones interest and if you’re not sparking anyones interest, then not many people are going to go and watch it. If I had the opportunity to re do this trailer, I would definitely make sure the trailer makes the viewers feel a little more intense and I would also make sure it leaves some cliff hangers. That way, after watching the trailer, people would want to know and learn more about what happens, resulting in them going and watching it.

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