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Goals of Marketing Paper

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What are the basic goals of marketing?

The basic goals of marketing is to target people who an interest in your product or service. The real challenge of marketing is in finding people who are most likely to want what you are selling and then get them to buy what you are selling. Take a good look at the products around your home. Why do you pick the brands you pick? It’s called product differentiation. If you want your product to stand out, emphasize a retain feature or aspect about the product that makes It stand out above similar products and markets.

And of course the smaller the niche, the better the fit between your services and the market for It, which will lead to a long lasting relationship with mutual benefits. Always select, read and use the resources of your target market and you’ll be able to predict with measurable success the trends and shifts In the market. You have to realize It’s the market that drives the sellers, so you can’t Just sell anything you want.

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