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Personal and Professional Goals Andreea Pop University Of Phoenix HCS/301 February 07, 2011 Personal and Professional Goals Over the last couple of years I have been contemplating over the direction of my life, and finally decided it is time to assume more control over it. That is way I decided to return to school in order to earn my BSN.

This paper will address the decisions that I will be making, the strategies I will use, and the milestones I will accomplish during my journey through the BSN at UOP, as well as in life.

Once I had my personal and professional goals in mind, I was able to select the degree that was most likely to help me achieve my goals. I would like to start by saying that achieving my BSN is a short-term professional goal, and in order to reach my goal will be necessary to develop a plan of action that will facilitate the process of reaching my objectives.

” According to Lazarus and Folkom (1984), adjustment to life events is mediated by the individual processes of cognitive appraisal and copying behavior”(Gall, Evans, & Bellerose, 2000, p. 45). The authors believe that the living environment, familial relationships and the social support influence the copying behaviors of a student. In order to be able to adjust to the university’s requirements, one has to learn how to balance family, work and school, all at the same time.

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It is important to understand that sacrificing family time, recreational time and at some point work, will be a part of the overall effort. This also leads to my short-term personal goal, which is to be able to pay for my tuition without gaining any debt.

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I am aware that I can only achieve this goal by working full time hours while in school. Although I have accomplished so many short-term goals in life, I am fully aware that my long-term goal will take a long time and will be the most challenging for me. To become a CRNA is not a simple thing to do because it requires a lot of hard work. I am also aware how difficult it is to get into the program, so my goal is to be an outstanding student, and finish each course with at least grade B. In addition, would have to work my way through acquiring at least 1000 hours in ICU and try to be the best at what I do.

In the meantime, being able to accomplish my short –term professional goal, will help me facilitate other goals in my professional sector. A BSN will equip me with the necessary credentials required to seek a position in management in the Kaiser Health Care system. My personal long-term goal would be to live a healthy lifestyle, by eating healthy and staying physically active. ” Nurses want to give their best to patients, but if they don’t look after themselves, how can they care effectively for patients? ”(Kay, 1999, p. 49).

Referring to what Kay stated, no matter what we are planning for, in order to be able to care for others it is important to maintain our health. My plan is to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily, exercise 30-60 minutes at least 3 times a week, eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily and spend quality time with family and friends. All these will contribute tremendously to my healthy living. All these goals can only be accomplished through hard work, perseverance and effort. What would be the necessary tools that I can use in order to be able to accomplish all my goals? Effective communication has become recognized in recent years as being essential to successful organizational operation and management”(Hawkins, 1981, p. 172). Being able to communicate effectively with my professors, peers and patients will enable me to engage in meaningful conversations. Other skills that will be necessary as I progress through the nursing program include: ability to conduct research utilizing the UOP database, ability to read and write following the UOP guidelines and, ability to work effectively in a group.

In order to accomplish my goals, the milestones that I must encounter along the way will include successful completion of all courses with at least grade B, and continuous employment as a full time nurse. The long-term milestone would be to become a CRNA and retire as a successful professional in 30 years. The effort made over the next few years will give my family and myself a much better life later on. Of course no milestone can be achieved without encountering barriers along the way. The only barrier that might posses a problem would be not to be able to balance work and school in the same time.

In order for me to be able to pay for school without the use of any loans, would be to work full time hours. Partial tuition reimbursement and having a flexible schedule, as well as my ability to adapt to situations will help me minimize this aspect, and help me succeed in reaching my goals. It is difficult enough to manage time while being a student, however, it is more challenging when being a working student. My goal is to finish the program in the shortest time, paying the least amount of money and get accepted into the CRNA program.

I am recognizing the need to become more organized, and learn how to set up priorities in order to manage my time more effectively; school should be first on the list followed by family and work. From my past experiences I have learned it is important to plan for the unexpected. Often, things that are not expected come up; therefore, it is important to leave some room in my calendar to be able to move things around when needed. Having so much to do, it is better to write everything down in order to be able to remember what comes next. All of the above are a contribution to strong time management skills.

In conclusion, no personal or professional, goal as long as it is realistic, is too great to be accomplished. As long as one has the desire, patience, will and the necessary resources, no goal should be out of reach. All these goals are important for every human being; without them we cannot live fulfilling lives. My motto is:” Set a goal, work hard to achieve it and you will be on your way to success! ” References Gall, T. L. , Evans, D. R. , & Bellerose, S. (2000). Transition to first year university: Patterns of change in adjustment across life domains and time.

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