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Where petty thugs and hoodlums are no comparison to modern day gangs. But nonetheless considered savages for their time. Yet, amongst themselves there is love and friendship. West Side Story Is a story about love, Intolerance, and friendship. It uses many of the 9 elements of a well-made film. The story revolves around 2 (two) rival gangs know as the Jets (Americans) and the Sharks (Puerco Ricans) who friendship Is UN-foreseeable due to the race difference between them.

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But as Irony would have It 1 (one) member from each side falls for each other during a high school dance.

Causing even more fraction between the 2 (two) groups and the 2 (two) lovers who cannot be together when they want. Sound Is a key element for West Side Story, which Is a musical. The Music Itself Is excellent and follows the moon of the actors well. But the structure of the songs Is very hard to understand and it was hard to figure out what was going on in the mind of the characters.

And since music dominated the entire film, it eliminated the sense f realism (I. . The lack of Natural and ambient sounds) But the songs were appeasing to the ears were catchy, the key to success while making a popular film. Costuming, makeup, and setting are one of the most effective tools in creating a sense of realism and they did their job in this movie. It was apparent from the start of the movie that this took place in the inner city.

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Due to the Lighting, use of shadows and the dull yet vivid backgrounds that depicted the inner city. The graffiti, jagged fences. And broken, crumbly walls also had an astounding effect.

Speaking parts were seldom used in the movie. Almost all emotion was expressed through song and dance. But when used they were very simple. For example in the scene where the Jets meet with the Sharks at Doc’s place to discuss the rumble, they used 3 (three) word sentences like: Where should we fight? With what? When? Yeah, it was easy for the audience to follow the speech but lessened on realism. The plot of the movie was really good and refreshing. The two (2) main characters, Tony and Maria come from 2 different families and lifestyles, not to mention the skin lour.

Maria is the sister of the Sharks leader Bernard. And Tony is a best friend with Ref the leader of the Jets. As the story progresses, Tony and Maria make more mistakes and their relationship causes more and more problems. This led to even more conflicts. Maria’s mistake was falling In love with Tony and disobeying her older brother. Tony’s mistake was killing Bernard and leading Chick (a shark) In to a vengeful quest, which would catch up with him at the end. Everybody has enemies throughout their lives, fights could happen as well as the death of loved ones.

One memorable scene In the West Side Story was that first love scene between Tony And Marl. Love at first sight could happen and happens everyday. This shadows Shakespearean writing qualities most notably found In Romeo And Juliet Great movies emerge when most of the said elements are met. West Side Story is a good movie. It malign De a good play out not Tanat good Otto movie Decease It doesn’t meet all of the important elements of film. It wasn’t a good movie, But a good story with memorable characters that ended up touching our hearts.

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