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Kanye Omari West (June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) is American rapper, singer, and producer. Winner of 21 Grammy Awards, Kanye West has sold more than 30 million copies of his records. As a music producer, he has collaborated with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Nas, Janet Jackson, TI, and others.

Kanye was born and raised in Chicago, by father photojournalist and mother university professor.

He, unlike most rappers, did not know the world of dirty alleys and crack cocaine dealers, as he grew up in a wealthy family of the middle class.

Kanye spent his childhood playing basketball, drawing, inventing video games. But everything has its time and Kaney decided to try his hand in the music, which became his new passion.

The first performers he liked were debuted then Kid’n Play, and De La Soul «Me Myself & I». In the city where there was no hip-hop radio station at that time to learn about this music style was not so easy. Nevertheless, this did not stop Kanye.

On a result of his dedication, you can judge for yourself.

Kanye West Essay

He began with stolen Casio keyboard and then started a band: “My mother was a friend of Common’s mother, so when I started making music, Common quite naturally followed me.” And although the first time Kanye met No ID was during recording his first album Common «Can I Borrow A Dollar?», He immediately marked him as a man who knew about soul music.

At the time for those who are engaged beat making, there were no guarantees for the future, that’s why Kanye enrolled at Chicago State University.

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However, the desire to make music was too great.

The following year, he quit college and sold his jewelry to get hold of some money to move to New York. Not everything went smoothly, and the ups humiliatingly low – perhaps participation in Jermain Dupri «Life in 1472» is worthy of mention – were followed by long periods of no demand. In 2000, Kanye looked up and summed up his black bar – he sold the tracks for the albums of Lil ‘Kim, Beanie Sigel, and Da Brat, and, more importantly, genuinely interested those, who were then the pillars of Roc-A-Fella: Damon Dash and Sean Jay-Z Carter. He was entrusted with working on Jay-Z album «Blueprint» and this was not a disappointment.

The disc was named best album of Jigga since the times of the unforgettable «Reasonable Doubt», which meant a great success. «Takeover», «Izzo (HOVA)», «Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love)», «Never Change» – the contribution of Mr. West was significant both in quantity and quality.

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