V For Vendetta Questions

If people feel strong it will be easier to get people once a good amount of people Join the cause It is very easy to mess up when a mass of people are doing something because of the numbers Everyone has to be on the same side for the manipulation to work. In order to immobile a population everyone needs to agree with the movement; convincing people is a lot more difficult when one has to convince a whole group of people.

2. A. I agree with what V said when he stated Moline can be used for good. The main reason I believe this is because even though there are only some instances in which evil has been used for good, there still are events that occurred for good. Some wars have been fought with “freedom” being the reason; although there have been ulterior motives other than “freedom” there is still one good thing. This one thing makes Vs.. Statement true.

Another reason as to why I believe Vs.. Statement is true is because there have been vigilantes, such as V, who save people for the sole reason of being a good person.

V For Vendetta Discussion Questions

V saved Eve with violence and during World War 2, there were group of Jews who would go around blowing up concentration camps. The methods of destruction of those buildings and compounds were violent but in the end, it ended up saving some Jews from being sent to those concentration camps and any that were already there.

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2. B. I believe Vs.. Motivation to use violence was based more for the memory of Valerie. Then would come his desire to awaken the public then, to challenge an oppressive government and the reason that was the least important to him would be revenge for the way he was treated.

Although throughout the movie, he anted down the people who he believed did the most evil in the place he was held at, I think it was mostly to get revenge for Valerie, not for himself. 3. In that context, no, V is not a terrorist, he is a person who believes the people should rule the been oppressed by the government. Although, in the perspective of the government he was a terrorist because they were the ones who were oppressing and who believed what they were doing was right. But, since the context is “… The Government should be afraid of their people,” V is not a terrorist, he is a liberator. The symbolism behind the Guy Fakes mask was that V was someone who was going to/ did blow up parliament. Guy Fakes is the actual guy who attempted to blow up Parliament. V is Just attempting to honor Guy Fakes. The audience isn’t allowed to see Vs.. Face because it would ruin the imagery of the Guy Fakes mask being the “liberator. ” I probably wouldn’t unmask him if I had the chance. With the ending the movie had, the Guy Fakes mask became the trademark of people who are attempting to liberate the people from oppressive governments or any type of oppression.

The mask is widely used with the Hastiest group “Anonymous;” they hack information and anything in order to try to help oppressed people. 5. V lets Eve make the final decision because he knew she would do the right thing. He changed during his time at the facility and Eve changed at the “facility’ as well. At the beginning of the movie, V knew Eve and he were supposed to meet and that their fates were connected; he knew Eve would choose to help lead the revolution against the oppressive British government.

The fact that Eve already had the background for eloping lead this revolution helped propel her ideals forward and it helped influence her decision of blowing up parliament. Her parent’s were taken away by the government so she knew how oppressive the British Government was; she knew it had to be stopped. She also Just wanted to help Vs.. Ideas live on; they couldn’t die with him. 6. Freedom is the right ideal to have but security with limited freedom will probably make the country more successful and prosperous. With freedom, the people will rule the country.

The majority of the people in every society are Just cooking out for themselves; it’s human nature. If people are afraid of their governments, they will not revolt, there will not be much violence, nothing truly significant will happen within that country. With freedom, new ideals will form from the ranks of the ordinary people. Although some of the ideas within the society will be good ones, the majority will burden a group of people if not the whole society; more mistakes can be made when freedom is a thing. With security, the society will be safe and everything will be okay within the country.

Although, like in the movie, governments will get more oppressive over time and eventually they will start scaring the people with “water viruses” in order to make the people feel that they need the government. A society can be secure and free at the same time; although, if the balances are off, then the whole system fails. There needs to be a way of making sure that the government does not get too oppressive or powerful but there also needs to be a way to assure that the people will not topple the government or else the society will become chaotic and disorderly.

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V For Vendetta Questions
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